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20 Mouthwathering Halloween Treats

Many people seem to think that Halloween is a holiday just for kids. Sure, some aspects are kid-focused, such as trick-or-treating (you’d probably get some dirty looks if you walked around your neighbourhood in a costume ringing doorbells, holding a pillowcase for your loot, without a kid in tow), but the “treat” doesn’t have to be all about the kids. In fact, as much as I love recipes with my kids in mind, it is just as much fun to spend time in the kitchen baking recipes with an adult’s palate in mind. These are some truly 20 Mouthwathering Halloween Treats which could easily be served to kids or grown-ups for snacks or desserts.

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This list of mouth-watering Halloween treats ranges from whimsical to chic, with everything in-between. Throw together a sweet and salty trail mix made with candy corn to take with you to the office. Whip up a batch of delicious holiday-themed fudge for your best friend’s annual Halloween bash. Slave over (not really – everyone will just think you did) a beautiful chocolate layer cake with orange and black icing for a dinner party. No matter what the occasion, you’ll find something that will fit the bill in this collection of yummy Halloween treats.

Also, check out our fun and delicious Halloween recipes!

20 Mouthwathering Halloween TreatsPin
20 Mouthwathering Halloween Treats

20 Mouthwathering Halloween Treats

  1. Monster Spicy Brittle Candy Bar 
  2. Halloween Bark Recipe 
  3. Goblin Haystacks 
  4. Crazy Chocolate Chip Cookie Monster
  5. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pumpkins
  6. Chocolate Pumpkin Cake 
  7. Halloween Cyclops Cupcakes (With Edible Eyeball Toppers) 
  8. Halloween Cocoa Krispie Treats 
  9. Easy Decorated Halloween Spiderweb Cookies 
  10. Halloween Jack O’Lantern Dinner Pockets 
  11. Creepy, Crawly, Delicious Spider Cake Pops – 
  12. Quick Halloween Party Mix 
  13. Chocolate Spiders 
  14. Not-So-Spooky Oreo Bats 
  15. Frankenstein Twinkies Pops 
  16. Monster Munch 
  17. Oreo Cookie Eyeballs Halloween Treat 
  18. Halloween Frozen Oreo Pudding Cake 
  19. Candy Cookie Bars Recipe Using Leftover Halloween Candy Bars
  20. Halloween Spooky Marshmallow Witches


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  1. oh my gosh they all look so yummy but the Lil Luna – Halloween Bark Recipe might be my favorite! Can’t wait to give some of these a try and serve them during our Halloween Party 🙂

  2. Oh perfect timing – I was just looking for some inspiring holiday recipe ideas. My son will love making the Sugar Hero – Chocolate Spiders with me!

  3. I always had fun on Halloween making treats and going all out because that is my oldest daughters birthday, she is a Halloween baby and I had tons of fun with it, but now that she is older she doesn’t like her birthday on Halloween, such a party pooper!!

  4. This is a great collection of ideas for Halloween.I am glad to be able to come here and try some of them out.Thanks so much for this lovely post.


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