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How to Conquer Your Fear of Roller Coasters

Roller coasters can be very scary for a person that might not be thrilled with heights and going very fast, but they can be very exhilarating as well. Your friends are going for a night out at the amusement park, but you fear roller coaster rides. If you wonder how to conquer your fear of roller coasters, these tips below will come in handy.

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What is the fear of roller coasters called

Veloxrotaphobia, also known as coaster phobia, is the fear of being on a roller coaster. A person might suffer fear of heights (acrophobia), experience an intense fear of suffocation or restriction and desire to escape (claustrophobia), or had traumatic experiences. People may get wrong misconceptions of roller coasters when they see movies like final destination or scary movies that have that roller coaster scene where something horrible happens. I’m not saying that it couldn’t happen, but the likelihood of it happening is slim to none.

How do I overcome my fear of roller coasters?

Rest assured, the amusement parks have roller coaster maintenance on a daily basis to make sure the roller coasters are safe and running smoothly. They also have protection that makes sure you can’t get out of the coaster while it’s in progress. These tips for managing anxiety can also be useful to overcome your fear of roller coasters!

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1. Close your eyes during roller coaster rides

A very easy way that may help anyone get over this fear roller coasters is to get on the ride scared or not and close your eyes the whole way through. This actually helps you to know that the ride isn’t as bad as you thought it was, and it gives you a little bit of confidence. If you do this enough times, I’m sure eventually you will be able to open your eyes on the ride and feel comfortable riding on a roller coaster. It’s important to get on the same roller coaster as repetition is key to eliminate fear. Once you are comfortable, try a new coaster rider. At the end of the day, you will be so proud to have finally faced your fears!

2. Smallest to biggest roller coaster

Another tip that might help is to go in order with the smallest roller coaster to the largest. When you do this, it will help you build up to the bigger coasters. This will help you to prepare for what the huge coasters will be like. If you start a person who is scared of coasters on the largest one, this will completely scare them for life. You have to break a person down little by little so they will know what to expect by the huge one.

3. Ask questions

If you want to overcome your fear of getting on a roller coaster, ask questions to the maintenance crew about how safe the coaster is, or if they have ever had any problems out of it before. This may give you a since of security knowing that it is safe to ride.

4. Ride the roller coaster with friends

To get over your fear, you need to just get on the roller coaster with a friend and enjoy the ride. When you are on a coaster going fast and flying stories down, it gives you a feeling of excitement and freedom. You can scream and let go of the emotions too!


Roller coasters gives you a rush that you can’t get just anywhere and when you are finished you will feel completely great. You will be shocked at yourself questioning, did I really just do that, and you will feel great that you took a chance and tried to overcome your fear of roller coasters.

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