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Safety Tips for Travelling In Canada

Canada is generally regarded as a beautiful country to visit and a safe place to travel. Safety tips for travelling in Canada will differ in some ways from travelling elsewhere in the world. Part of the reason for this is the fact that Canada is a huge country and it largely depends upon how and where you are travelling. Another important factor has to do with the time of year and weather related concerns.

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Safety Tips for Travelling

You will find below 6 safety tips for travelling in Canada by car.

1. Identification

Regardless of how or where you are travelling in Canada, it is important to carry proper identification at all times. This includes an updated passport, if you are from somewhere outside of Canada, or if you plan to cross the border into the United States at any time in your travels. You will need to obtain your passport prior to travelling, as a birth certificate or driver’s license is no longer adequate identification for border crossings. Keep your identification somewhere safe, but also easily accessible.

2. Canadian Currency

Become familiar with Canadian currency, as it is different that that of the U.S. and other countries. Find out about exchange rates, as they vary from day to day and may not be on par. Bank debit cards and major credit cards are accepted at gas stations, hotels and motels. Keep your wallet, currency, debit cards, credit cards, etc. in a safe place when you are travelling. You should report any debit or credit cards that are lost or stolen immediately.

3. Gasoline

For anyone driving across Canada, it is generally advisable to be alert to changing gasoline prices. Because there are long distances involved, it is wise to keep a full gas tank, if possible. Many cities and towns, in remote areas particularly, are ‘bypassed’, meaning that they are no longer on major routes and visiting them may include extra time, distance, and mileage. Travellers need to make certain that they carry road maps, just in case, and not just a cell phone with a map app as certain remote areas might not have any reception.

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4. Weather

Canada has a wide range of weather conditions and thus, when traveling, it is important to carry sufficient all-weather, warm clothing for any possible weather conditions, particularly in the late fall, winter, and early spring. Carrying extra coats, boots, and blankets is normally a good idea for anyone driving long distances on the highway. Extra precaution is necessary for anyone traveling through mountainous areas. Remain alert to possible weather changes resulting in possible road closures or slippery surfaces.

5. Restaurants

Canada has excellent restaurant facilities and a wide variety of possible menus to choose from when you are travelling. Be alert to the reality that in more remote parts of the country, restaurants may be many miles apart. It is generally advisable to carry extra food, dried snacks, and drinks for emergencies, as restaurants may be closed. Many places where you can obtain gasoline will have snack foods, sandwiches, or restaurant facilities. Make certain that any food you purchase is fresh.

6. Emergency equipment

One of many tips when traveling long distances in Canada by car, it is advisable to carry extra emergency equipment in case of flat tires, motor vehicle problems, or possible accidents. Carrying a cell phone is generally a good idea, but be aware that there are remote areas where cell phones do not have reception.

Always alert someone to your potential destination and expected arrival time. Report any unusual emergency conditions to the appropriate authorities, as well as family members when necessary. However, always remember to stay safe and avoid getting distracted while driving, as distracted driving is one of the major causes of road accidents in Canada.

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These are just a few safety tips for travelling, particularly when they are driving across Canada. Note there may be other safety concerns for anyone travelling by bus, plane, or train in Canada.

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