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Reasons to Visit Niagara Falls in Canada

The magic and beauty of Niagara Falls never fails regardless of if it is your first visit or your hundredth. Whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, the majesty of the falls brings you in with its breath taking beauty and brilliance. Let’s have a look at the fun attractions to do and the reasons why to visit Niagara falls!

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What’s Niagara Falls

What is so special about Niagara Falls? Some may say that it is just a waterfall and that they can see them anywhere in the world but it is much more than that.

What is so special about Niagara Falls? Niagara Falls viewpoint is not just a waterfall it is an escape and an experience. Canada’s gem and one of the most beautiful and natural wonders of nature. Not just any landmark. Niagara Falls is a piece of heaven shared by Canada and the United States and the falls are about 12,000 years old!

Which Side of Niagara Falls is Better, US or Canada?

Which Niagara Falls is better? On the Canadian side of course! On the Canadian side, you can view the panoramas of both the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls.

Which Niagara Falls is bigger? The larger Canadian Horseshoe Falls is about 790 m (2,590 ft) wide, while the American Falls is 320 m (1,050 ft) wide.

Why Niagara Falls Is Important

People from all over the world come and visit Niagara Falls each year and it was once the honeymoon capital. Niagara Falls is something that spans all cultures and people. Adventurers, children, families, lovers, gamblers, photographers, tourists of all kinds – there is something for everyone and the ultimate shared experience. Regardless of the occasion, or even for no reason at all, Niagara Falls is always an amazing place to visit.

Places to Visit Niagara Falls

What Else? There is more to see besides the falls and there is a ton of attractions in Niagara Falls Canada to visit. These are the best things to do at Niagara Falls!

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Niagara Falls Maid of The Mist

The Maid Of The Mist which is a fairy that bring you through the falls. If this is too close you can opt for the Journey Behind the Falls and take a walk behind the falls and enjoy the beauty with an exclusive view.

Niagara Falls Casinos

The Casinos are for those visitors who are risk takers. Niagara falls is home to two casinos that feature the classic excitement of the casino experience with the addition of restaurants, bar lounges, shopping, and shows. Casino Niagara is more of a traditional casino experience whereas Fallsview Casino Resort offers an experience for everyone. The foyer is graced with a large spectacular fountain and aside from the casino you can enjoy the shops and dinning. There is also a theatre with several entertainment acts. The casino hosts concert events and is also attached to three hotels. Weddings are popular events at the Casino as are a host of several other occasions. Casino Niagara is near Clifton Hill and Fallsview is near Stanley Avenue.

Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill is a hill leading down to the falls. Lined on Clifton Hill is a vast amount of restaurants such as The Rain Forest Cafe, Kelseys, Planet Hollywood, Wolfgang Pucks, and also many speciality shops. These shops include Fudge Shops, the Hersheys Chocolate Factory, Coca-Cola Shop. Besides, the shops and restaurants Clifton Hill also has several attractions such as a Midway, Movie Land, Wax Museum, Haunted Houses, Frankenstein Exhibits, WWE Experiences, and Ripleys Believe it or Not. These are only places that you can visit around Clifton Hill and there is many more than listed above. There is also still a whole city to explore.

Lundys Lane

Lundys Lane is further away from the falls and also has several shops and restaurants including the famous Flying Saucer restaurant which is a restaurant shaped like a space ship which is out of this world. Down Lundys Lane you will also find shopping outlets such as Nike and Guess.

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The Niagara Sky Wheel

The Niagara Sky Wheel brings you above the city and gives you a birds eye view. The ferris wheel is a ten minute ride in a comfort closed in gondola that can seat 6 which is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. It also runs at night and is completely lit up which allows you to experience the breath taking city lit up at night.


Marineland is a theme park for families and people of all ages. It incorporates animals with theme park rides. You can see many types of aquatic life and also feed deers. There are shows daily that are audience interactive and allow you to experience whales, dolphins, and seals first hand.

The Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower is 520 feet tall and was opened in 1964. It is a peice of history and is one that people can experience when they visit the falls. A glass elevator lights passengers up to the top of the tower. Not only can you take pictures fro the observation deck but the tower also features a revolving restaurant. It features reward winning cuisine and magical ambiance.

The Niagara Parks Power Station Pin

The Niagara Parks Power Station 

For 100 years, the “Canadian Niagara Power Company generating station” harnessed the powerful energy of the Horseshoe Falls and turned it into a great source of electricity. Now, years after its turbines came to a halt, the Niagara Parks Power Station has come back to life in an entertaining and educational experience for all ages! The daytime guest experience features interactive exhibits and interpretative installations that explore the history and science of hydroelectric power generation at the station. In the evening, the heart of the power station is transformed into an immersive sight and sound showcalled Currents: Niagara’s Power Transformed, which features incredible 3D projection, unique interactive moments, and a breathtaking musical score.

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Niagara Falls Accommodations

The Niagara Falls 5 star hotels are not hard to find. There is an abundance of motels, hotel, and inns in Niagara Falls. Regardless of price point, there is something for everyone and there are always deals and packages available to fit your needs while staying the falls.

Niagara Falls Restaurants

Special Restaurants in Niagara Falls include Copa Cabana a Brazilian meat house, Mama Mias a traditional Italian eatery, Wolf Gang Pucks, TGI Fridays, The Rain Forest Cafe, as well as some old favourites. There is something for everyone and for every craving. From Italian, to Asian Infusion, to Brazillian to Steak Houses there is no deficit of possibilities.

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As you can see, Niagara has much more to offer besides its natural wonder and brilliance. The above things to do are definitely some of the tourist attractions in Niagara Falls Canada that are visited the most every year. It does not matter who you are, where you are from, or how many times you have been there, Niagara falls has a lasting power and can offer you a unique experience every time. Take in the beauty and the wonder of Niagara Falls next time you are visiting Canada. It is surely a trip you will never forget regardless of the occasion.

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