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Fun in the Summer Sun at Calypso Theme Waterpark

It is summertime, it’s hot. And the wading pool in the backyard is just not cutting it for your little ones. What should you do? Solution: Calypso Theme Waterpark!

My family was excited to be going to Calypso.  Before our visit to the park, I showed them all of the slides and the different areas that Calypso had to offer its guests.  There are 35 heated state-of-the-art slides for us bigger kids to choose from, and the kids were excited about the different attractions and themed areas for them to play at for the day.  There are over 100 acres for us to explore, so we knew we would have a good time while we were there. Some were more excited than others. My younger daughter was so excited to go, that she kept rushing us out the door so we could start having fun at the park. As you can see below, she is anxious to get going.


 Once we entered the park, our first stop was to Calypso Palace, the park’s wave pool. We challenged the crashing waves this pool delivered by jumping and swimming into the waves. We liked that there were so many lifeguards on duty looking out for swimmers while we were at this part of the park.  The waves are high in some spots, and  they could move you around the pool if you are not careful. Throughout the park, Calypso has over 125 life guards and 50 slide attendants to help visitors be safer while they are having fun.

 Calypso Paradise 1Pin

We then decided to take a break and dry off by one of the many picnic areas around the park. We chose the area around Calypso Palace to do this.  It was great to be able to have a place to rest our caravan of items down in a  shaded area wherever we went at Calypso.  We also brought extra towels and blankets just in case we were not able to find an umbrella-shaded picnic table.  Since we were a bit snacky, we decided to partake in the picnic lunch we brought with us.  For those who wanted to improve on their tan, there were also benches and lounge chairs set up in various spots around Calypso, along with the Hawaiian Beach Bar, where people can sun bathe and even get in a game of beach volleyball!


 Our next stop was to the Zoo Lagoon, Calypso’s designated children’s area. There were so many things for little ones to do here!

CalypsoZoo 1Pin

 While my son was content to look at the water but not be in it, my daughter, now named Dolphin after today’s trip to Calypso had a marvelous time trying out all of the mini slides and other water activities available in this area.


We then made our way over to the Jungle Run, where my daughter and Dad glided around the winding river that went under bridges and had various jets of water spraying at different points along the way. I liked that Calypso provided free flotation devices for their guests so little ones, like Dolphin, could float around this attraction easily and safely. My little guy was just beginning to get a feel for the water, so Grandpa and I stayed with him so he could have some water playtime near the entrance to this attraction.


After a long day of fun in the water at Calypso, we thought we should call it a day. Before we left, we popped into Calypso’s Friends Boutique, the park’s souvenir shop. Our little lady had a blast poking around the shop deciding what she should pick to remember her day at Calypso. Both kids chose to get an elephant figurine since it is one of their favourite animals.


It was a quiet car ride home. Calypso had done its job well by tuckering our kids out so they would take a nap on our way one. It was a great day of fun in the summer sun!

So if you are looking for a way to have some fun in the sun as a family this summer, look no further than Calypso Theme Waterpark! You will have a splashing good time!

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  1. Hi cbrazil! There is a whole area just for kids! The Zoo Lagoon has many kiddie-sized slides, as well as a splash pad area for kids to cool off! My daughter had an amazing time in this area. She was sad when we had to leave the Zoo Lagoon. Thanks for leaving your comment!

  2. Calypso sounds like a great place to take children to. Children always love playing in and with water. I’m glad to see that the little one decided in the end that he’d join in the fun 🙂

  3. This summer we decided to get a season pass to Calypso.

    We have enjoyed it every time we visit. The pass has paid for itself, and we don’t feel pressured to stay until closing time when everyone is overtired and fussy.

    This will be a summer my kids will always remember.


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