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4 Fun Factory Tours Across Canada For Parents And Kids

Factory tours can be immensely entertaining, and provide an excellent opportunity for relaxation after a few days of heavy travelling or touring. Take an afternoon and learn the inside ropes of just how things are made.

Fun Canadian Factory Tours

A lot of times when you visit a new place you discover that some of the greatest tourist attractions are not outdoors or famous monuments, but in the most surprising of places, like factory tours!

1. Bernard Callebaut Chocolate and Cococo – Calgary

Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut and Cococo chocolate factory in CalgaryPin
Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut and Cococo chocolate factory in Calgary

Everyone can appreciate a quality taste in chocolate, but if you’re someone whose appreciation is more than average, you should take the tour at the  Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut and Cococo chocolate factory in Calgary, Alberta. Despite owning and operating thirty-one chocolate stores all over Canada, this location is the original and still operating headquarters for the coco corporation. Step inside and witness their master chocolatiers craft your favourite treats with care and delicacy, and you may even get to go home with some parting samples.

2. Prior Snowboards- Whistler

Chances are that if you’ve booked a vacation in Whistler, you’re planning on doing some skiing or snowboarding. But maybe after spending the first day on the slopes on your posteriors, you might need to look for other kinds of entertainment. Prior Snowboards, which owns and operates its winter sports equipment store right at the base of the mountain, offers a factory tour every Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 4pm during the winter months. The 40-minute tour takes you through the many levels of the store, showing you how they construct, deconstruct, and add the finishing touches to every individual ski, snowboard, and toboggan. Take an afternoon to rest your muscles and learn just how your skis came to be.

3. Alexander Keith’s Original Brewery- Halifax

Alexander Keith's Original Brewery- HalifaxPin

You’ve booked the cheapest flight you could find, you’ve arrived in the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and there’s only one thing that you must do before you leave here: take a tour of Alexander Keith’s Original Brewery. The brewery was established in 1820. The Keith Hall was built in 1863 and the factory has been kept in pristine condition and is still fully functional for your visiting pleasure. Take the tour of the entire brewing process with guides in period dress to help you imagine what the brewery would’ve been like in its original state. If you are of a legal drinking age, you can personally sample the beer as it is made fresh, and after the tour you can enjoy a multitude of games and activities, music and dancing, and more samplings at the Stag’s Head Tavern in the factory.

Alexander Keith's Original Brewery- HalifaxPin

4. The Candy Factory- Collingwood, Ontario

Have a bit of a sweet tooth? There are plenty of things to do in the Georgian Bay of Ontario, Canada, but not many resemble a day in the life of Willy Wonka. The Candy Factory in Collingwood is a fully functioning artisan candy factory that ships its treats all over the world. First established in the 1970s, the factory’s first goal is to keep the tradition of creating artisanal candy alive in a world of factory-made candy with chemical processes. Take a tour of their kitchens and share in the flavour of their success for yourself.

Fun Factory Tours across Canada for Parents and KidsPin
Fun Factory Tours across Canada for Parents and Kids
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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I especially liked the thought of visiting The Candy Store- Collingwood, Ontario unfortunately we live too far away. Compared to that Calgary is just around the corner and where my daughter lives so it is possible that I might get to visit the Bernard Callebaut Chocolate factory there. 🙂

  2. I’ve watched a TV show that shows how things are made but I didn’t know there was actual tours, very interesting.


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