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5 Hints to Stay Healthy for the Holidays

5 Hints to Stay Healthy for the Holidays

This time of year everyone is busy and has a mile long to do list and then it happens. . . they get sick. It seems logical as we tend to do more indoors and get less fresh air, run around more buying gifts but skip out on the gym, get way more done but get way less sleep and eat more but make much less healthy choices. It is only a matter of time before you add the holiday pounds. You will find below 5 Hints to Stay Healthy for the Holidays!


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1. Eat
Pack your fridge and pantry now with healthy options so you can grab and go. Snacks like cheese strings are high in protein, a hard boiled egg is full of vitamins, almonds are packed with good for you fats, a banana for potassium and carbohydrates. Your body needs energy to keep going. Try to plan meals ahead of time, stock the fridge of pre cut fruits and vegetables stored in air tight containers; they will stay fresh for days and give you options for nights on the run to holiday parties or shopping marathons.

*Holiday Party Hint – you bring the veggie platter with a healthy dip like hummus and enjoy healthy nibbling!

2. Sleep
I know. It’s a tough one when there is so much to do, but your to do list will only get longer if you are curled up on the couch with the tissue box.  Make sure you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night. Go to bed on time and get up early if you are productive before the kids get up, you can cross a few things off the Santa list.

*Holiday Party Hint – decide on a time you want to leave the party before you go. Stay out late during the week, will make for a sluggish work day.


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3. Drink
Water. Get into the habit of taking it everywhere with you. Toss in a lemon wedge for flavour or a few frozen berries for colour. Staying well hydrated helps your body stay healthy.

*Holiday Party Hint – drink water in between enjoying a glass of wine or calorie rich egg nog and you’ll feel better in the morning.

4. Vitamins
Certain vitamins are essential for a healthy immune system. Ensure you are getting enough immune boosting Vitamin A, B,C,D and E. Think orange, red and green vegetables for vitamins A, and E, lean meats, eggs, legumes or leafy greens for B Vitamins, citrus fruits and red peppers for Vitamins C and fortified juices or dairy products for Vitamin D. If you come up short on these important vitamins consider a supplement to ensure your immune systems stays strong to fight off unwanted germs.

*Holiday Party Hint – stick to the healthy turkey and vegetables at holiday dinners and go easy on the gravy, stuffing and desserts!


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5. Lift Weights
We are all tight on time over the holidays so if you only have 30 minutes a few times a week to exercise, choose strength or resistance training. The muscle you are toning and building are important as we are constantly losing muscle as we age. As a bonus, the effort of building muscle burns calories, then your body keeps burning calories to rebuild the muscle and the increased muscle uses even more calories when you are at rest! That is making the most of your limited time to work out!

*Holiday Party Hint – keep up with this strength training routine over the holidays and in the New Year enjoy a New You!


5 Hints to Stay Healthy for the HolidaysPin
5 Hints to Stay Healthy for the Holidays


Have a happy and healthy holiday !



Raising Healthy Kids
Raising Healthy Kids
Deb Lowther is a writer, runner, mom of 3 and wife of a very driven entrepreneurial husband in the health and nutrition field. When not running after the kids, Deb is running in the trails, climbing mountains, training for a triathlon, doing hot yoga and enjoying her evening glass of wine. She ensures her own family has fun while eating healthy & staying active together. After selling their first company in 2015, the Lowthers' launched Element Nutrition with Stuart focusing on creating nutritional products for the baby boomer generation with Boomer Nutrition and kids with IronKids Nutrition. Deb inspires healthy families through numerous articles in print and online, encouraging others to enjoy a healthy diet, staying active and not being afraid to flex a little muscle.

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  1. Great tips. I find drinking water before a party (and during!) helps with the snacking. It fills the tummy (and also keep you running to the loo!)

  2. I think the safest way for me to eat healthy during the holidays is to not attend any parties…becuse i find it hard to say no


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