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How to Pick the Perfect Mattress for Your Child

Being a parent is probably the hardest job in the world. You will try anything to make sure that your child is happy and safe. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know what that thing is that they need. This is often the case when your child is having trouble getting to sleep, or staying asleep all night. It can be tricky to isolate the exact problem that is causing your child to have trouble sleeping. One major reason is that your child is not using the right mattress. Picking the perfect mattress for your child can be easily done! Make sure to fully read the bed for you kids guide so that you understand what to look for when buying.

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How to choose a mattress for your child

Check out our tips below on how to pick a mattress for a child!

Choose the Right Materials  

What the mattress is made out of makes a big difference. Some children prefer firmer mattresses, while other like plusher material. Plush mattresses are usually more comfortable to the user. As well, if your child has aches for some reason, they may benefit from a plush mattress. Firmer mattresses have more support for their backs. If your child has a habit of slouching, they could use a good firm mattress to work towards correcting it. If your child is as comfortable as possible, they will get the best night’s sleep that they can. Or, if you are not sure which model is best for your child, try reading some mattress reviews. This may give you an idea as to what the best choice would be.

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Choose the Right Size

Children grow up quickly, sometimes more quickly than we would like to admit. If your child is taller than average, you cannot just go by the recommended average size. A twin size mattress is usually what is chosen for a child’s bed. It is inexpensive, and is typically the most suited for a single child using the bed. However, a twin XL will add more length to the mattress. This is good for a taller child, or one that likes to stretch out all the way. Having the right size mattress is imperative as your child grows older and taller. They need enough space to grow, otherwise they will not be comfortable at night on the small space. If your child rolls over in their sleep, you may need a bigger mattress in terms of width. That way, they will not roll off the side of the bed.

Do Not Re-Use Old Mattresses

When siblings get older, it can be tempting to give their old mattress to a younger child. If a mattress is getting old and saggy, it will not be providing enough support. A growing child will need a lot of support in a mattress, and a second-hand one probably is not going to cut it. This is also the case if you are looking to buy a mattress in a thrift shop. It might be better not to cut corners in this regard, and buy a mattress brand new. As well, old mattresses tend to carry more allergens as they age. Dust, pet dander, and dead skin cells tend to build up and affect the children who are sleeping on the mattress. Getting a new one will be best for everyone, especially your children.

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Choosing Mattresses with Allergies in Mind

Some children have difficulty sleeping at night because they have allergies. These might include allergies to pet dander or dust mites. There are specific mattresses that take allergies into consideration. Some products are made naturally, with less synthetic materials. These are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. Natural materials are hypoallergenic because bacteria does not grow on these types of surfaces. If you know which materials in particular that your child is allergic to, you can keep a watchful eye out for them. Some mattresses release all their VOCs within a couple days, so that the chemicals will not bother your child. Another thing you can do is leave the mattress in an open environment for a few days before you set it up for your child to use. This will reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that may bother your child while they sleep.

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If your child is having issues sleeping at night, you might be able to help. By trying a few different options, your child can experience bedtime in a whole new light. Mattresses have a huge impact on whether your child gets a good night’s rest. By taking the time to select the perfect mattress, you will be taking everything into consideration. All the aspects that your child is looking for in a mattress will be brought forward. Choosing the right size, the right materials and hypoallergenic products are all key variables. Your child will definitely thank you when they realize the difference it makes!

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  1. Thank you for writing this post. I don’t think parent sometimes even consider how important a good mattress is for their children.

  2. Another great post, I always took care that the mattresses for my children provided enough support to prevent any back issues developing. I never thought of anything else, now I see that I really should have,


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