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Go Wild with DK Canada Books ~ Reviews

Animals. We all have a soft spot for one or many different types of two, four or multi-legged creatures that inhabit our world. My kids are always curious to learn more about their favourite animals and find out about others they discover. Do you want to enjoy learning about animals?  You can go wild about DK Canada books and the animal kingdom!

DK Canada Books Review

Below are the three books my family received to read and enjoy:

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Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; Book covers of Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures, The Horse Encyclopedia and Animal.

Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures: Visual Encyclopedia

The world’s oceans and seas are filled with countless wonders. Some of these beings can also prove to be powerful predators, which makes them so captivating. Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures: Visual Encyclopedia highlights many of these animals for kids to learn and become fascinated about.

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Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; Book cover of Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures: Visual Encyclopedia.

My kids loved learning about all of the different types of powerful sea creatures, but they were fixated on one of the most popular sharks out there: The Great White Shark.  They loved learning about why Great White Sharks look the way they do, why they live in the upper layers of the ocean and how powerful these giant creatures could be.

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Great White Shark section of Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures: Visual Encyclopedia.

The Horse Encyclopedia

Regal. Powerful. Loyal. These are just a few words used when people think of horses. Since I have loved horses from a young age, I had to get The Horse Encyclopedia book to learn more about these animals with big personalities. This title details the characteristics and origins of each bread of horse, as well as sharing information about some of the most famous horses in the history of this animal. This encyclopedia also talks about how horses have fit into living with humans throughout various aspects of history.

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Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; Book covers of Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures, The Horse Encyclopedia and Animal.

This title was such a wonderful read! Each horse was beautiful to look at, but I had fell in love with the Connemara. Being able to learn about this horse’s background, how it has been bread with other horses to create new breeds of horses and why it is such a great performance horse are what made this book such a good read.

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Connemara section of The Horse Encyclopedia on a table.



After learning about all of these animals, I knew that my kids were going to ask to read about more beings around the world. That is why I chose to have Animal to read with my kids. This book shares many details about animals found around the world, from mammals and birds to reptiles and fish and beyond!

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Once of the great reasons why this book is such a page turner in our home is how the information is laid out about each animal. One of our favourite to flip over to was the penguin. My kids and I really liked to read about the different varieties of penguins. It was also interesting to learn out about the various different locations penguins can be found and how different they can be from different penguins around the world.

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My family went wild with these books from DK Canada. We learned so much about some of our favourite animals as well as discovering breeds and animals we had never heard about before. The way the information was laid out for readers to take in made reading each title very enjoyable. The photos in every book were all breathtaking, making turning each page a feast for the eyes. These three titles are fun reads that we will love going through for many years to come.

Go Wild with DK Books!Pin
Go Wild with DK Books!

Want to find more titles to help your family go wild?  Visit DK Canada’s website, and connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages to find out!

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Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  1. My Children would like the Smithsonian’s Animal Book for their quality photos along with very informative educational stories.

  2. I know my kids would love the Animal book the most because of all the different types of animals featured – they would spend a lot of time reading that one, they would love the variety of animals to read about!

  3. One of my grandsons would love Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures: Visual Encyclopedia, me I’d love The Horse Encyclopedia and my granddaughters would all prefer the Animal book. DK do produce splendid books, always interesting topics and well made books. 🙂

  4. Forgot the why part, 🙂 My grandson is fascinated with sharks, dinosaurs, anything you daren’t pet really. My granddaughters are interested in many different types of animals and me, I’ve always loved horse and would have loved to have learnt to ride as a child. 🙂

  5. My daughter would love all of these, especially the penguin one! She loves looking at pictures of penguins and making quacking sounds!

  6. The Horse Encyclopedia would be helpful to Emily now that she has access to horses!! She rides for therapy and she loves all types of animals

  7. We live 2 block from the straight so I guess it isn’t the ocean. My kids would love to read about the Sharks and other creatures of the sea Thank what a great prize Wish more kids loved to read.

  8. They would like all three as they each like different things and learning about sharks would be exciting, as would learning about animals.

  9. Our grandson, Cameron, would love the Sharks and Other Deadly Creatures book. He absolutely loves sharks! We are taking him swimming with dolphins next summer for a surprise when we go to Orlando. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  10. One of my grandsons is quite fascinated with sharks and other creatures under the sea since going to an aquarium. So he would like the book Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures.

  11. My son would love the shark book because he’s been obsessed with reading all about sharks and the different types out there.

  12. My grandaughter loves pets and animals so much. The Smithsonian Animal Book would be a great one for her to expand her knowledge.

  13. My kids think penguins are so cute so that would be their favourite followed by the sharks. Even sharks need to eat! Besos Sarah.


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