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11 Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipes

There are so many ways to make hot chocolate recipes! Scores of people, who love this delicious drink, swear by their own secret recipe. If you don’t have your own recipe, the following list of hot cocoa recipes is for you. I think I’ve included a little something for every taste. You be the judge.

Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipes

Bailey’s Irish Cream is an ingredient in one of the hot chocolate recipes. So, is Nestle Strawberry Quik. If you want to go in the other direction, temperature-wise, I’ve also included a super easy version of frozen hot chocolate that you can whip up in 5 minutes flat! It’s a great alternative to ice tea or soft drinks, on a hot summer day. You can even make some chocolate spoons to dip in your hot winter beverage.

Delicious Hot Chocolate RecipesPin
Hot Chocolate Recipes

Want a twist on traditional hot chocolate? This recipe calls for an 8-ounce bar of white chocolate, chopped into tiny pieces.

Make this frozen hot chocolate in less than 5 minutes. Say goodbye to super-expensive coffee shop brands!

If you’re making hot chocolate for a crowd, a crockpot is the way to go. Combine the ingredients, set the timer and this yummy treat is ready before you know it!

These’s no rule that says hot chocolate MUST be served in a cup. This easy-to-make bark is a chocolatey alternative that will have everyone coming back for more.

Using cream in this recipe makes your hot chocolate extra creamy. If you prefer, leave out the pinch of salt.

If you love Baileys Irish Cream, this recipe is totally for you! Go wild and add a little more Baileys, to kick things up a notch!

This “skinny” hot chocolate has a the taste of its full-calorie counterpart. Vanilla almond milk and added Sugar-free Torani syrup does the trick for a count of 40 calories.

This yummy beverage mix calls for instant pudding and Nestle Strawberry Quik. Prepare several batches and gift it to family and friends for a special holiday treat.

The next time you crave hot chocolate, why not add Nutella to the mix? Hazelnuts and chocolate are a delicious pair.

Spice up a chilly night with this Mexican hot chocolate recipe. Make it “vegan,” by substituting coconut milk for the real thing.

This recipe is something completely unexpected. Instead of the traditional milk chocolate flavour, this Cupid Hot Cocoa recipe has white chocolate. That’s not all though. It also has the unexpected flavour of strawberry.

Hope you enjoy these hot chocolate recipes as much as I did! Also, check out our recipes! If you have a favourite hot cocoa recipe, be sure to share that with us in the comment below!

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  1. I love hot chocolate and you’ve got a lot of great recipes on your list but my favorite is one I’ve never seen before and it is the Peppermint White Hot Chocolate. Yummy !

  2. I love hot chcolate in the winter . Never thought of making it myself . It would probably be so much better . Thanks for the recipes .

  3. Thanks so much for including my Nutella Hot chocolate – really appreciate it! Pinning these delicious hot chocolate recipes!!


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