Fun Easter Activities For Children To Do At Home

It’s Easter Sunday, and the family is gathering to celebrate this joyous holiday. Many families converge at home to spend the day together, eating a big lunch, and then having some fun. What are some fun Easter activities for children to do at home? As we recollect on the true meaning of Easter, keeping the children busy with Easter games and making it a fun Easter day is also a priority!

Fun Easter Activities For Kids To Do At Home
Dogs dressed for Easter

Fun Easter Activities For Children

1. Easter Egg Hunt

First, as Easter is in the early spring, one of the most popular fun activities for kids on this day is an Easter egg hunt, which is usually held outdoors. Oftentimes, the children have decorated boiled eggs for this event. Sometimes, people use pastel-coloured plastic eggs.

For an Easter egg hunt, the eggs are hidden in various places in your home, yard, or garden. Children are, of course, not allowed to peak as the eggs are hidden. Once the hunt begins, the children run and find as many Easter eggs as they can, and as quickly as they can! Usually, they place the eggs they find in their Easter baskets or in bags.

Fun Easter Activities For Kids To Do At Home

For some Easter egg hunts, there is a specially designated egg. In others, the plastic eggs are filled with coins or candy for the children. All in all, this activity is loads of fun for the kids.

It’s fun for the parents to watch as well. There are usually lots of squeals of delight from the children upon finding the eggs. This wholesome activity is sure to bring lots of laughs and excitement! Children often want to have another Easter egg hunt after the initial one is completed. In fact, hunting for the eggs can tie up most of the afternoon.

Fun Easter Activities For Kids To Do At Home

2. Easter Baskets

Another fun Easter activity for children is giving them their Easter baskets. Parents usually fill the Easter baskets with all kinds of goodies. Chocolate bunnies are popular, of course, as well as chocolate creme-filled eggs.

Parents often enjoy preparing the Easter baskets, as they can sneak a bit of candy while doing so. Sometimes parents include an Easter bonnet or bow tie in these baskets as well. That way, their daughters or sons will have this extra accessory for Easter.

Fun Easter Activities For Kids To Do At Home
Easter eggs in a basket

3. Easter Eggs Decorating

A fun Easter activity for kids is actually egg decorating! You boil eggs and dip them in dye. Typically, this is not done on Easter Sunday, but on the evening before. That way, the eggs are ready for the big day. Children adore preparing Easter eggs!

Fun Easter Activities For Kids To Do At Home
Fun Easter Activities For Kds To Do At Home

4. Read Easter Stories

One other fun Easter activity for children is reading them an Easter story. There are many books about this holiday, and it’s fun to gather the children and remind them of the real meaning of Easter. Children usually adore storytelling as well, and this activity can calm them down a bit after the egg hunt.

In conclusion, Easter is a special holiday, and it is one that can definitely be enjoyed with your children. These are a few of the fun Easter traditions and activities for children to enjoy at home!

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