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10 Easter Egg Crafts

Easter egg crafts are such a great way to bring the whole family together. You will find below a list of 10 Easter egg crafts to make with the kids!

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Easter can be almost as exciting as Christmas when it comes to the traditions and rituals surrounding the day. Candy, chocolate bunnies, new Easter outfits, crafting easter eggs, and Easter egg hunts, and spare change are just some of the perks.

New Easter Outfit

Easter actually begins about the week before the celebrated holiday with the tradition of the new Easter outfit. This is a great time for girls to pick out a special dress and for boys to get a new pantsuit to make the day stand out above the rest. As a tradition that begins in childhood, getting an Easter dress is a ritual that stays with girls well into adulthood.

Easter Bunny

On Easter morning, the kids wake up early to see what the Easter bunny has left in their Easter baskets. Some traditions even have children checking to see if the beloved bunny has eaten all the carrots that were left out the night before. The colourful baskets are filled with Easter eggs and bunny themed candies as well as the staple: a chocolate bunny. More modern baskets even include small gifts similar to the kind of gifts used as “stocking stuffers” at Christmastime; however filling the baskets begin that morning, but they are soon dumped out in order to be ready for the next tradition.

Easter Baskets

With Easter baskets in hand, the kids soon begin the race around the house and through the yard to collect the most eggs first. This tradition includes the hard boiled Easter eggs that had been individually died and decorated beforehand as well as the plastic eggs that have candy inside. These plastic eggs can be the most treasured booty, not necessarily for the candy, but for the ritual of hiding money inside. While most of the “money” eggs can have just some spare change, it is always fun to have that one egg with a bill inside to keep the kids guessing.

Easter Egg Hunt

Another tradition to put in place instead of the egg hunt at the house is to go to a community Easter egg hunt. There is more competition and less clean-up for you. An unnecessary tradition you can avoid by going to a community egg hunt is that of, months later, following the rotting smell to discover an Easter egg that hadn’t been found.

Easter Family Portrait

Finally, a common practice at Easter time is to have the family portrait taken. Some families pose in their yards with their full baskets for their picture. Others, who attend a community egg hunt, often find the Easter bunny to include in their picture. No matter where it is decided to be taken, the family portrait is one of the most important traditions of Easter. This way, you can catalogue the kids’ growth and the changes that come year after year before they move away and start traditions of their own.

10 Easter Egg Crafts

There are lots of different ways to make the Easter eggs colourful without sticking to a traditional purchased kit. You can use buttons, chalk, dye, stained glass, stickers, markers, paint or other supplies to create beautiful Easter eggs including a banner, wreath, flowers, and more. You pretty much have endless ways and tons of different materials you can use for crafting easter eggs. These Easter egg craft ideas will be fun to make for the whole family!

  1. DIY Button Craft
DIY Button CraftPin

2. Stained Glass Easter Eggs

Stained Glass Easter EggsPin

3. DIY Carrot Easter Eggs

DIY Carrot Easter EggsPin

4. DIY Flower Easter Eggs

DIY Flower Easter EggsPin

5. Baking Soda Easter Eggs

Baking Soda Easter EggsPin

6. Easter Easter Egg Banner

Easter Easter Egg BannerPin

7. How To Make Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

How To Make Shaving Cream Easter EggsPin

8. Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

Easter Egg Wreath TutorialPin

9. Encanto Disney Easter Eggs: Cricut Craft

Encanto Disney Easter EggsPin

10. Marble Easter Eggs with Nail Polish


How do your kids like to decorate their Easter eggs? Comment below!

Happy Easter!

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  1. There are some gorgeous eggs here, I especially like the Stained Glass Easter Eggs, they’re beautiful 🙂

  2. I thought I knew most cool tricks to making Easter eggs but I have never
    heard of making with Shaving Cream!! I plan on teaching my daughter!!

  3. Wow – these Easter egg ideas are just stunning! My top favourites are the Shaving Cream Easter Eggs and the Stained Glass Easter Eggs; they have such amazing colours!

  4. These are lovely Easter Egg Ideas; I especially love the Shaving Cream Easter Eggs and the Stained Glass Easter Eggs.


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