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12 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for the Family

Looking for some fun, easy, and inexpensive ideas to make your Easter Egg Hunt the best one in town? Look no further!! So you’re in charge of the neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt or just a family and friends Easter egg hunt? Here are some creative ideas for making it the best egg hunt around!

Whether you are religious or not, an Easter egg hunt can be fun for all ages, and a great addition to any family Easter get-together – whether little children are involved or not. With a little ingenuity, Easter egg hunts can be a lot of fun and made more challenging.

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Unusual Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Tired of the same old, same old Easter egg hunt? Here are quick ways to make it more unusual and interesting. It is a lot easier than you think!

There are as many ways to spice up an Easter egg hunt as there are people. If you don’t feel like planning it yourself – and you like the idea – you can give the task to kids who will be participating. You might just be surprised at what they can come up with! It may then just turn into a family tradition that they look forward to every year.

1. Easter egg hunt invitations

Be creative! Have your kids help make Easter egg hunt invitations shaped like bunny ears by using white cardboard, pink paper (printed with info) for the centres, and white cotton balls around the edges. An egg-shaped invitation would be cute, too. No time? Order cute Easter invites online.

2. Eggs-tra Special Fillings

What kinds of things can you use to fill Easter eggs? Chocolate foil eggs in different candy varieties are of course a must, but get expensive when filling many eggs. Make sure to have lots of bags of jelly beans and other more inexpensive unwrapped candy that fill lots of eggs. Other creative things to stuff Easter eggs: Easter stickers, sassy note, loose change (yes! now’s the time to get rid of all your spare change!) and cute tiny treasures work really well for filling lots of eggs. You can even buy them already filled! Get as creative as you’d like. You can even use notes to turn it into a true Easter scavenger hunt.

3. Offer unique prizes!

Ok, most Easter egg hunts offer prizes; however, you can offer unique prizes such as movie passes, tickets to a local sporting event, or gift certificates to restaurants. By offering a variety of prizes that keep in mind the ages of all of the participants, you can make it fun for both young and old.

4. Add a few real hard-boiled eggs for good measure

A few people would disagree with this (what happens if they aren’t found???), but including hardboiled eggs as well adds some variety to the hunt. They are also great snacks! Let’s face it; most people don’t eat a lot of hardboiled eggs any other time of year (no matter how good they may be). Just be sure to get a good count on the number of hardboiled eggs hidden and ensure all are found before the end of the hunt. You don’t want a rotten egg smell permeating your home or yard.

5. Ready Get Set GO! Easter Egg Hunt

Children don’t necessarily need the traditional Easter basket, but you’ll need to give them something in which to collect their Easter goodies. Clear plastic treat bags work well, or you could simply set up a brown paper bag-decorating area with stickers, stamps, markers, etc., and Easter grass…. if you don’t mind vacuuming it up for the next few weeks! Kids should write their names on their bags so you can tell them apart later.

6. Team up

If you have enough people at your Easter celebration, you can easily form teams for the Easter egg hunt instead of having everyone go solo. This tends to make it more competitive and more fun. Be sure to select your team members carefully! This certainly can add a strategic element to the game.

New Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Adults often seek out new Easter egg hunt ideas that will liven up the common event of hiding plastic candy filled eggs or hardboiled coloured eggs for children to find. There are many ideas that can add more excitement to the traditional Easter egg hunts.

7. Themed easter egg hunt

In addition to everything listed above, you can incorporate a theme into your prizes, the Easter egg hunt itself (you can turn it into a scavenger hunt if people are interested, and that lends itself more easily to a theme), or you can make the object of the hunt to guess the overall theme. If you take a little time to plan it out, it can be easy to do.

Easter egg hunt theme ideas can include hardboiled and/or plastic eggs, or they can be completely omitted by just hiding items of a specific theme. These types of themed egg hunts can also be used for other children’s events such as birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day parties.

Examples of themed Easter egg hunt ideas would include:

  • Sponge Bob Square Pants
  • Barbie and Friends
  • Disney characters
  • Unicorns
  • Animals
  • Sports
  • Colours
  • Shapes

8. Christian easter egg hunt ideas

An Easter egg hunt is a perfect time to help teach children about the bible. Along with candy, plastic eggs can be filled with bible verses written on a piece of paper. Other items that could be hidden in these kinds of egg hunts include plastic animals symbolizing Noah’s arc, bible storybooks, and other related things.

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9. Colour Easter Egg Hunt

Purchase equal amounts of different coloured plastic eggs and divide them into sets of colours. Divide the candy and tiny trinkets up equally for the amount of children who will attend the Easter egg hunt and fill the coloured eggs. Assign a colour of egg to each child so they all receive the same amount of candy and trinkets.

10. Golden Egg Hunt

This is an egg hunt where there is one big prize. Fill plastic eggs with candy and add a note inside one egg that says “golden egg” and hide all the eggs. Give the child who finds the golden egg a prize.

11. Treasure Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Treasure egg hunts are thrilling for children that can read because they take kids on an adventure. Hide hints in numbered eggs that lead to a hidden treasure box full of prizes and goodies. The children search together in a group taking turns opening and reading the numbered Easter eggs that contain the clues.

12. Easter Egg Hunt Game

Children love to hide the eggs themselves. This is a great game for a rainy day when the kids are stuck inside the house. Give the kids a basket, 12 eggs, and a package of candy. Let them take turns filling the eggs with candy and hiding them.

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With just a little imagination, it really isn’t difficult to come up with numerous Easter egg hunt ideas that will add a twist to the original style of egg hunts. Most of all, it is all about getting together with friends and family to make sure the kids have a good time during an egg hunt.

You’re ready to host your Easter egg hunt now. Use these ideas and tips to customize the perfect Easter egg hunt for you, your kids, and your guests.

Don’t forget to bring the camera — you won’t want to miss the adorable pictures of smiling little kids in cute spring outfits in the green grass!! Have fun! You’re never too old for an Easter egg hunt.

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