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Understanding the True Meaning of Easter

Understanding the True Meaning of Easter

How does your family celebrate Easter? Do you go to church or have a big meal at your home and invite all the family over? Do your children have fun with an Easter egg hunt? Whatever you do on this day, it pays to take time to understand the true meaning of Easter.

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Whether you just need a reminder for yourself, or you want to explain it to your children, or to another adult who may not celebrate, it’s important to understand the meaning of Easter. It’s about more than bunnies and baskets, chocolate, or decorative eggs.

When asking about the true meaning of Easter, the answers you get may vary. This is because different people and different religions have varying ideas on what Easter is really all about. For most who are spiritual, it’s a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb on the third day after he was crucified.

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He is Risen!

Easter is the fulfilled prophecy of the Messiah. You can read more about it in Matthew 28, Mark 16, and Luke 24 of the Bible. Early Christians began celebrating Easter ever since its occurrence. A special day was officially declared later to celebrate, but the problem was in deciding if it should be on a weekday or always on a Sunday.

It was eventually decided that Easter would be celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox, which changes from year to year. This is why Easter is celebrated on a different day each year, rather than always on the same date, like Christmas.

Understanding the True Meaning of EasterPin
Understanding the True Meaning of Easter

Sometimes traditions get in the way (fun as they may be) and we forget what the holiday is really all about. If you are Christian, you can remember the true meaning of Easter by telling the story, re-reading Bible scripture related to the resurrection, attending church services, and taking time to pray and reflect on what the significance of the day is.

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  1. The true meaning of Easter definitely gets lost amongst all of those sweet treats and advertisements. It’s good to remind everyone the importance behind that very day.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I do not consider myself religious, but I think it is important to know the true meaning of Easter. I had a vague idea, but didn’t really know the details. I think that is true for a lot of people.. I think of Easter and just think of the Easter Bunny and chocolate eggs. Anyway, great to read this! Thank you again 🙂

  3. This is truly the meaning of Easter, but it’s very sad that the majority of the younger kids won’t even know this or the story

  4. We never had Easter egg Hunt growing up, so my children never had Easter egg hunt either. We always had a big Easter Dinner at my grandparents and a chocolate bunny! When I move to AB my friend were buying gift for their children. It was all new to me as we only got a Easter chocolate bunny growing up.


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