Easter White Chocolate Bark Recipe

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I always thought that making bark looked so difficult to do, but it is actually fairly easy to prepare and so tasteful! I love white chocolate, so this is a treat for me. You can also use chocolate wafers instead and add your favourite nuts or candy. We make this White Chocolate Bark Recipe every year as an Easter family tradition.

Easter celebrations have traditionally been around our family dinner table. Food has a comforting way of bringing families together and a celebration of the Resurrection of Christ can be a great festival around the dinner table. So, the question then comes as to what to serve.

Easter White Chocolate Bark Recipe
Easter White Chocolate Bark

Easter Traditions In Food

In a traditional Jewish celebration of the Passover, lamb is the meal of choice. Symbolizing Godís promise to the chosen people, a lamb was cooked and eaten, the blood of the lamb was spread over the doorway to keep the family safe. God promised to the Jewish people that if the blood was on the door posts, He would pass over them and keep their first born children safe.

Easter Dinner

Today, most people serve ham as the traditional feast for the Easter dinner table. Ham is easy to prepare and has for many become the one and only food to serve at the dinner table for Easter Sunday. Add to that a potato dish from scalloped potatoes, to twice baked potatoes, to mashed potatoes, and you have the perfect main course for the Easter feast. Easter signals to us the beginning of springtime, so cooks typically add spring vegetables to the dinner ranging from asparagus to green beans. Because this is a celebration, we typically see rich foods accompanying the main course.

Other alternatives to Easter dinner can include turkey with all the fixings, or a prime rib of roast beef. Both of these entrees can bring with them different side dishes ranging from pasta salads to green salads and a variety of vegetable choices including corn, beets, peas and carrots, as well as cauliflower with cheese sauce.

Easter Desserts

Desserts too are very festive and signal the coming of the spring and summer seasons. Fresh fruit typically fit into the pattern of Easter desserts with some form of chocolate and lots of whipped cream! Sponge cake or pound cake smothered in raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate can be one form of dessert. Fruit pies topped with whipped cream or ice cream can be another option. Still, one can also see a warm pot of chocolate and strawberries, bananas, oranges and more ready to be dipped and devoured.

Easter dinner can bring its own traditions depending on one’s beliefs and attitudes. Planning and carrying out this wonderful meal can be fun and rewarding, and you can even start your own traditions. The point of the Easter celebration meal is to bring families together, so don’t forget the hardboiled and dyed eggs, the bread rolls and the Easter candy. These are staples of the day, and you can plan your meal around foods your family enjoys.

Happy Easter!

Easter White Chocolate Bark Recipe

Easter White Chocolate Bark Recipe
Easter White Chocolate Bark


To make Easter Bunny Bark you’ll need:

  • 20 ounces of white chocolate (white melting wafers) 
  • lots of Easter candy like M&M’s or any candy in pastel colours


  • Begin by roughly chopping the larger pieces of candy.  
  • Line an 9 x 11 pan with parchment paper.   
  • When melting the chocolate, you can melt them in a microwave or in a double broiler. If using a microwave start at 30 seconds stir and repeat until fully melted. When using stove top keep temp. at medium range make sure you are stirring constantly. 
  • Pour melted chocolate onto parchment paper and spread.  
  • Now comes the FUN part. Begin placing Easter candy in the white chocolate.  
  • Let the Easter Bark sit for several hours until it hardens.  
  • Make sure it’s totally hard before cutting.
  • Transfer bark to a cutting board.  
  • Cut the bark into pieces. 

I hope you enjoyed my Easter White Chocolate Bark Recipe! If you make it, make sure to share with us on Facebook or Twitter! Also, check out all of our other Recipes.

Easter White Chocolate Bark Recipe
Easter White Chocolate Bark

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  1. Brenda A says:

    Again with the pretty, pretty, make-me-long-for-spring colours! I imagine you could use other coloured wafers too, for a whole different look.

  2. kathy downey says:

    That white bark almost looks to pretty to eat

  3. KD says:

    Very pretty! I might skip the colours and go with a few nuts, though, as I love nutty flavours. 🙂

  4. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I love bark and anything with white chocolate. Yummy!

  5. Victoria Ess says:

    This looks very rich and delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  6. kathy downey says:

    h this has to be tasty I l,love white chocolate!

  7. kathy downey says:

    We made this will red smarties for Canada day!

  8. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    White chocolate is my favourite too, ever had white chocolate ice cream that’s fantastic too.

  9. kathy downey says:

    I am going to dress up this bark for the upcoming holidays…its so delicious

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