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Benny&Co. Celebrates 60 Years As Master Roasters

In 1960, the Benny brothers, all eight of them, went into business and opened their first rotisserie in Joliette, Québec. This year, Benny&Co. celebrates 60 Years as Master Roasters and they want to make this celebration even more special by giving you the chance to win one $60 Benny&Co. gift card!

Benny&Co. Family History

Prior to this family business venture, Joseph-Georges Benny decided to raise chicken and become a poultry breeder in 1947. One by one, each brother decided to take part in their own poultry farming business and eventually joined forces to build a hatchery and slaughterhouse before launching their own distribution network to become poultry producers and distributors.  In 1959, Benny et Frères Limitée was founded to everyone’s delight! Today, Benny&Co. offers healthy eating with quick service option meals to cater families.

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Family Business Venture

As you can see, the Benny brothers’ background in poultry farming certainly made them visionaries in this family rotisserie business venture! So much that their 47 children would gradually be involved in the management of the rotisseries and the opening of new restaurants across the province of Québec.

Six decades later, all 63 Benny&Co. rotisseries are operated by 11 children and 25 grandchildren of the eight co-founding brothers. Thirty-six members of the Benny family work work for this proud family-owned and operated business! It’s not a surprise that Benny&Co. is Canada’s largest family of master roasters (64 restaurants by the end of the year) and chicken rotisserie experts!

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Master Roasters’ Specialist

It’s interesting to know that the youngest brother, Gilles Benny, a machinist, even created and manufactured the very first slow-cooking oven that would make their roast chicken so famous! How is Benny&Co. unique as a rotisserie?

  • Authentic roast chicken uses the exclusive three-hour slow roasting technique;
  • Superior quality of their grain-fed chicken (after all, they are chicken experts);
  • 90% of their menu is made up of Canadian products;
  • Proud third generation local family business!

Benny&Co. Outaouais and Ottawa Restaurants

Benny&Co. have been in the Outaouais region for more than 40 years, so it was a natural step for them to cross the river to Ottawa. They now offer two locations, one in Stittsville and one in Orléans, to serve you better!

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Ever since the Orléans restaurant location opened, our family has enjoyed several delicious meals in a warm family-friendly atmosphere with courteous and attentive service. We are also taking advantage of ordering take-out online or via the drive-thru due to COVID-19 dining closures in Ontario. We take great pride in encouraging local family businesses, such as Benny&Co. during these difficult pandemic times.

Their menu items include:

  • Appetizers like wings and mozzarella sticks.
  • Side dish such as fries, salad, coleslaw, onion rings, rice, and poutine.
  • Pies and cakes for desserts.
  • Main dish features ribs, rotisserie chicken, the Benny&Co. famous poutine, wrap, club sandwich, hot chicken, chicken strips, and a salad with crisp lettuce and vegetables served with chicken breast, three breaded strips of white meat, or vegetarian strips.

We had the pleasure of trying out their classic chicken tacos this summer during their Tacos Festival. Their unique crinkle fries are made from PEI potatoes, the best in Canada! I have to say that their food is tasty and the portions are of generous size. With winter fast approaching, their meals offer the perfect comfort food for shorter days and the cold that slowly sets in.

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Make sure to check out Benny&Co.’s website as they offer promotions, daily deals, and specialty meals for the family throughout the year. For more information, you can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

This post is sponsored by Benny&Co. Opinions are my own.

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