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9 Ways You Can Help Your Teen Organize Their Bedroom

There are several easy and simple steps that you can take to help your teen organize their bedroom and keep it that way. You will find below tips on how to organize a teenage bedroom.

How to organize a teenage bedroom

While every teen is different, our teenage years aren’t usually known for being organized. Many parents wonder if there is anything that they can do to encourage their teens to stay on top of organizing and keeping their room tidy, while most teens are more concerned with having fun and enjoying these great years of their young lives.

By making organization easy, your teen won’t have to feel like they are spending a lot of time tidying, and they can enjoy a nice environment whether they’re doing homework, have friends over, or are relaxing with a TV show.

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1. Under-Bed Storage

Under-bed storage is a great option for a teen’s room, especially if the space is quite small. Queen size bed dimensions are quite large and if there’s no under-bed storage, you lose quite a lot of floor space. This type of storage enables you to take advantage of the space in the entire room, giving your teen the ideal place to put anything that they don’t need to use every day.

Divan bed bases can have storage drawers as an option. Choose from two drawers or four drawers in a double bed or larger. These can be used for storing clothes not used very often, bedding, towels, and anything else your teen wants to stash away out of sight.

Ottoman bed storage gives you the entire space under the bed and you can use storage boxes to divide it into neat categories. When the mattress is down, anything stored beneath it is hidden.

Traditional frame beds have space beneath them, but it’s important to be aware that this is typically where dust bunnies and dirt accumulate. Buy your teen some plastic storage trays with wheels, so they can put shoes, books, and other miscellaneous items out of the way, in a dust-free box.

2. Built-In Wardrobes

A spacious built-in wardrobe can make all the difference to your teen’s room. If you have a teen who is interested in fashion and is often buying the latest trends to keep up with the season’s looks, an overflowing wardrobe could be a serious bone of contention in your home. Built-in wardrobes utilize the space in the room to provide maximum storage space for all their outfits without cluttering the room any further.

Chimney breast alcoves are a convenient place to build a wardrobe, but any long stretch of wall will do. DIY wardrobes are not difficult to construct if you have good DIY skills and a selection of power tools at your disposal. You can purchase kits that include a range of doors and all the necessary tracks and frameworks needed. However, if the space is tricky or you want a more luxurious look, complete with storage solutions and bespoke doors, it’s worth paying extra for a fitted wardrobe.

3. Wall-Mounted Desk

Most teens like to have a desk in their room so that they have got somewhere quiet they can go to study and complete homework, play video games, and more. A wall-mounted desk helps to save space in their room by providing somewhere to work that takes up less room compared to a free-standing desk. You can nearly fit a chair underneath it. For a small room, a ladder desk is an ideal choice since it utilizes the height rather than the width of the room to provide more desk and storage space without getting in the way.

4. Floor To Ceiling Shelves

Shelves are always handy for books, schoolwork, CDs, DVDs, and other small items, but most people only bother installing two or three. If your teen has a passion for reading and has piles of books stacked up around their bed, fit some more shelves, this time utilizing the full height of the wall to maximize space.

5. Built-in Cupboard

Out of sight, out of mind is always the best way. Alcoves can be converted into walk-in cupboards, with shelves, where sports kits, games, shoes, and anything else cluttering up your teen’s bedroom can be stored.

6. Labeled Drawers and Storage Boxes

Keeping their room organized will be a breeze for your teen if there is a good system in place, and labeling drawers and storage boxes is an ideal way to do this easily. You can get a label maker and add labels to drawers for anything from clothes and underwear to makeup and toiletries, school items, and more.

7. Storage Cubes

Storage cube shelving systems are a great way to keep books, tech items, and miscellaneous junk off the floor and organized. Storage cubes act as a shelving unit or you can purchase soft cubes to fill each opening. Fill them with smaller items to minimize clutter.

8. Large Laundry Basket

If one of the main issues that you are having is clothing piling up in your teen’s room, a large divided laundry basket might be the answer. You can get nicely designed baskets that will fit into the décor of the room easily and are divided into sections for whites, colors, and darks to make sure that your teen’s laundry is always out of the way and ready to wash. Place it close to where they get changed, so that it’s easy to throw items in the basket instead of straight onto the floor.

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9. Instill Good Habits

Teens are often guilty of taking cups, plates, and glasses up to their room before abandoning them for days at a time. It’s not pleasant discovering crusty plates and moldy mugs when vacuuming under the bed, so encourage your teen to bring used plates and cups down to the kitchen once a day. It typically takes a great deal of repetition for something to become a habit, so you may need to tell them multiple times before it sinks in.

Organizing their bedroom might be the last thing that your teen wants to do, but keep these tips in mind to help them keep their space tidy.

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  1. Great tips, thank you. I like the floor to ceiling bookcase and under the bed storage, This would give them the space to have a neat and tidy room.


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