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Operation: Playroom Organization!

Does your playroom look like this?

That isn’t my playroom but we’ve all been there. This is one side of mine though…total randomness.

Operation: Playroom Organization!Pin
Bedroom full of toys.

Mr. Fix-it and I are always revisiting ways to organize the playroom. We came up with a plan…

Operation: Playroom Organization!Pin
Disorganized Kids Craft room.
Operation: Playroom Organization! Pin
Collage of organizational items

We needed a way to organize and hide all the STUFF!
We purchased the Expedit shelf and these cute green bins to store the board games and small things like Lego. Our big guy loves Lego but the pieces are too small for his little brother to play with so up they go in the first bin where only our big guy can reach them.

Operation: Playroom Organization! Pin
White Bookshelf unit.
Operation: Playroom Organization! Pin
Green bin for shelf.
Operation: Playroom Organization! Pin
White shelf unit
Operation: Playroom Organization! Pin
Bin for Legos

The craft supplies, oh the crafts! I bought this drawer set at Walmart that holds all the supplies nicely and super tidy. Music to my ears.

Operation: Playroom Organization! Pin
Drawer set for crafts.

Finally, where to put all the big toys i.e. the big boy trucks, boats, cars, dress up stuff? Hmmm…I ventured out to my go-to store, Homesense, to find baskets. These adorable baskets were calling my name…

Operation: Playroom Organization! Pin
Baskets in a clear storage unit.

I added a little carpet from Ikea under each one of them to give it a little playful look and the toys are organized and put away!

Operation: Playroom Organization! Pin
Storage bins

Don’t you just love when a room is organized? Yes, let’s be honest…it’s a playroom so toys will come out, be on the floor and scattered, but with the additions of baskets, shelving and storage they can always find their home again. Fresh.Fabulous.Sophisticated.

Operation: Playroom Organization!Pin
Operation: Playroom Organization!

Stay tuned for my next post on what to do with all that artwork your kiddies are bringing home!

Operation: Playroom Organization! Pin
Storage bins

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  1. Hi came across your blog looking for storage boxes like your can one. I love it our Ikea does not have this color 🙁 any suggestions to finding it? We too are organizing a play room.

  2. organisation certainly is necessary to turn chaos into neat and orderly. Love the green boxes in the Expedit shelf unit, looks really good.


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