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Home Made Feminine Pads


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This year I decided to go as “green” as I could. I am tired of providing big companies with my money and having harmful chemicals added to my body. Have you ever wondered what is in those pads you wear every month? I was shocked to find out that pads are not biodegradable, that some of the chemicals are cellulose, polymar, pesticide residue, glue and synthetic fragrance to name just a few. Wow! Pads were invented after World War 1, by some nurses, prior to that women used cloth rags. Well, I decided to make my own, for comfort, to help save the environment and to quit giving my money away every month. If you used cloth diapers for your children as I did, then clean up of the pads will be a cinch. I usually have four pads for my period that I use. I soak them right away in vinegar/water, use javex if heavily stained, then laundry soap, rinse and dry (all by hand of course). I will show you how to make these simple pads in 15 minutes. I used flannel for the outside and flannel or bamboo cotton for the insert. These pads have wings that I attached with a small piece of velcro. So let’s get started.

You will need; 2×1 inches of velcro, 2×12 inches of fabric for outer shell and as many 10×3 inches of padding you think you will need (I used 4 pcs for medium flow) you can adjust as needed, sewing machine and thread, pinking shears optional.

1. cut out the pieces

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2. turn under a 1/4 inch seam twice and iron flat, sew this straight seam

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3. now put pieces together with the right side in, sew all around double stitching at each end, clip corners and cut away excess (I used pinking shears )

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4. turn it so the right side is out, press

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  5. now you are ready to attach the velcro

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6. making the insert is easy, just cut pieces of flannel, however many you think you will need

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 7. sew them on top of each other with a few stitches down the middle for stability

8. congratulations, you now have one pad, see how easy it was

You can alter this any way you want to suit your own needs.

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  1. I prefer the home-made feminine pads and have been using them for years, plus the Diva Cup. Not only am I more comfortable but I have saved hundreds of dollars.

  2. I’ve been using the Diva Cup for years and I made the switch for many of the reasons you listed. I have bookmarked this page as I would love to make my own feminine pads.

  3. Thanks! I recently read a article on how the big companies in canada don’t always list all of the (harmful) ingredients in pads. But in ireland they are listed, and its not reasurring. I was quite appalled at what I found to be in pads. Thanks def bookmarking.


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