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12 Travel Safety Tips for Travelling Abroad

Exploring the world might have gotten you bitten by the travel bug! Travelling, whether solo, as a couple, or in a group, is a wonderful thing to do. Travelling abroad is a great way to meet new people, soak in the ambience of a new culture, and understand more about the world. It is also a great way to relax and get away from the stresses of the everyday world; however, when travelling there are times when you need to be on your guard and use your common sense. These are 12 travel safety tips for travelling abroad!

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Safety travel tips to keep in mind

When travelling abroad, these below travel safety tips will help keep you and your loved ones safe during your vacation.

1. Money

Without money, you are not going to get far and if you lose it you are going to run into difficulty. Keep your money safe by using the split the risk rule and place your money in different locations. Keep some in a safe deposit box in your hotel, a portion in your purse or wallet, and in a fanny bag/purse which you can keep hidden under your clothes.

2. Luggage

Losing your luggage is a nightmare. How do you survive without a fresh pair of underwear and your toiletries? The trick is not to take anything you cannot live or afford to lose. Keep your valuables in your handbag or carry-on bag. Why not buy your toiletries at your destination? This way you don’t carry extra baggage and you don’t have to worry about it getting lost or stolen.

3. Food and Drink

Check out to see if there are things you should avoid consuming in the country you are planning on visiting. For example, in China tourists are advised not to drink tap water (even the Chinese people do not drink it), so make sure you get bottled water and undo the cap yourself first. Make sure to take a small First Aid kit with you as they are incredibly valuable if you get sick.

4. Hostels

Hostels are a cheap alternative to hotels, but are hostels safe? Colourful, sociable and enjoyable, they can be a great place for thieves. Generally, you share a room with several people with nowhere safe to put your luggage. Things can go missing when your back is turned, through both guests and staff. If staying in a hostel, remember not to bring anything you can’t afford to lose or replace. Ask the hostel if there is a safety deposit box to store your valuables.

5. Jewellery

Don’t wear a lot of jewellery on a vacation, it’s just asking for trouble. Wear simple and subtle items as too much will attract thieves.

6. Pickpockets

Pickpockets can occur throughout the world. Ladies, keep your handbag in front of you and hold onto it. Never put it down on your ground or turn your back on it. Do not keep expensive valuables in it, nor your passport or flights home.

7. Scams

Scams are a complete hassle and con artists can get you for amounts small and large. Transit scams go along the lines of this: you get into a taxi and tell the driver the name of your hotel. He tells you that it has closed down but can take you to another one for free or a low price. They then drive you to somewhere else, usually much further away, but charge you double the price. The hotels they take you to are usually grungy and pay a commission to the taxi drivers.

Whether it is transit, lodging theft, fraud or cards, you are likely to walk away although your wallets will be significantly lighter. If something sounds too good to be true, it’s not true. Be on the cautious side.

8. Women travelling solo

If you are a woman travelling on your own, you are sure to enjoy yourself; however, it is best to be cautious. Some women will wear a wedding ring even if they are not married! Make sure to call home everyday to let people know where you are going and dress a little more conservatively. Do not wear flashy jewellery and make sure you stay safe.

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9. Drugging

It doesn’t happen all that much, but whether you are a man or women, please be wary of friendly strangers offering to buy you a drink or dinner. There have been reports where victims have woken up a few hours later with all their valuables missing, and for women, being raped. Use street smarts here.

10. Drugs

Drugs are something no traveller wants to get involved with, but they are found all over the world. Be wary of individuals, both native and foreign, asking you to hold or carry an item or piece of luggage onto the plane or other vehicle. This is a great way for them to smuggle drugs out of the country and if caught, it is you who has to deal with the consequences. Some countries, such as China and Thailand, have the death penalty when dealing with drugs.

11. Insurgent Activities

At times there are ethnic, religious, or other types of conflicts going on in foreign countries that we wish to visit. Before you get onto purchasing the plane tickets, it is best to log onto the country’s embassy website to check if there are any restrictions or travel warnings you should be aware of.

12. Health

It is always advisable to see your family doctor before going on holiday to see if you need any particular vaccinations.

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Holidays are generally a great way to get away from the dreariness of the everyday world, but to have a great time make sure you use your common sense, follow travel safety tips, and keep the above mentioned things in mind while travelling.

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