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Tile Bluetooth Tracker Devices Review

An interesting item I have on my wish list is a way to keep track of things that go missing around our home. Tile asked if they could help me with my family’s stockings and my wish list by giving us the newest members of their family to try! Find out below how we liked this Tile Bluetooth Tracker devices!

One of the fun traditions of the holiday season is hanging stockings for the Man in Red to fill with goodies to enjoy on Christmas Day. In our home, we also love adding items that can be used every day. You can also check out our other review of Tile Slim.


What is Tile?

Tile is a square Bluetooth tracker device that allows users to help find lost items. After a tile has been activated and attached to an item, if it becomes lost, a user can ring it in order to find it.

Tile sent me the following devices to try:

  • Tile Sport Pro Series
  • Tile Style Pro Series
Ring in the Holiday Season with Tile Pin

Tile Sport Pro Series

Are you or a loved one sporty? The Tile Sport Pro Series is the tracker to gift or use. Tile Sport id durable, waterproof and is their most powerful Bluetooth tracker yet. It has twice the range of their best-selling Tile to help you find the things that you care about.

Ring in the Holiday Season with Tile Pin

I really like the look and feel of the Tile Sport. Though it may look weighty, it is really light, but can take a hit, as I have it attached to my key chain and it gets bounced around in my coat pocket or my purse. The material used to create it and its grooves also feels smooth yet durable.  All of these factors make finding and gripping my key chain easy.

Ring in the Holiday Season with Tile Pin

Tile Style Pro Series

Do you see yourself or someone special to have sense of style? The Tile Style Pro Series would be perfect to add to a stocking this year! It has an increased volume, waterproof and a range of up to 200 feet. It is also features a sleek and chic design so it looks great with the items you want to keep safe.

Ring in the Holiday Season with Tile Pin

The look of the Tile Style makes it simple to see how it got its name. It has a clean and gloss finish to give it a posh, chic feel. The extra touch of gold around the edges also adds to its glam factor. The smaller ridges helps users to hold and find without a bulky look.

Ring in the Holiday Season with TilePin

It was really simple to set up my Tile devices using the Tile App. Available on both Android and iOS, the Tile App takes a few steps to start working with your tracker.

Ring in the Holiday Season with TilePin

Ringtone Feature

Once up and running, a favourite feature I found was the Ringtone feature. Not only are you able to change the volume you hear your tracker, you can also switch it to hear different tunes. Since we are right in the middle of the holiday season, I had to change it from its generic ring to “Jingle Bells.”

Ring in the Holiday Season with Tile Pin

It was really fun to test these new Tiles around my home. Since I am notorious for losing my keys, it was only fitting to place one of the Tiles onto my key chain. I had my eldest hide them around my home a few times to see how well I was able to hear and to find them.

With my eyes closed and ears covered, I handed the key chain and the device to her and off she went to place them in places I would not usually place them.

Ring in the Holiday Season with Tile Pin

Once she returned to me, I activated this Bluetooth tracker device and it began to ring. As I got closer, the ringing became louder.

Ring in the Holiday Season with Tile Pin

When I did uncover my Tile’s location, I simply pressed the center of my Tile to stop the ringing. It is a handy device I am glad to have.

Ring in the Holiday Season with Tile Pin

Having Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device at hand is a convenience and a relief. It takes a bit of the worry of misplacing my keys. Both of these latest additions to the Tile family are gorgeous and make finding them easier. When having to find them, it did not take long as the volume and the ringtone made it easy to locate. Finding a Tile in a stocking would be a stylish and practical item to give this holiday season!   

Ring in the Holiday Season with TilePin
Ring in the Holiday Season with Tile

Curious to learn more about Tile? You can visit them on their website, or connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

Disclaimer: I received products from Tile in order to conduct this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. I think the Tile Style Pro would be great for winter in Canada – definitely need something waterproof in case it gets dropped in the snow! Although the Tile Sport Pro’s durability would be handy around my three-month-old son…Really I would love them both!

  2. I would love to have the Tile Style series, since it looks so cute. But my husband would definitely prefer the Tile Sport series.

  3. The Tile Sport Pro Series sounds like it would be perfect for me. I’m always setting my keys down in odd spots or leaving them in pockets. My husband usually drives my car to work instead of his truck so he has to wake me up to help him find the keys before he leaves at least once a week.


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