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The Line in the Sand Book Review

Social emotional learning is an important process for children of all ages. It allows them to understand their emotions and to show empathy to each other. Owlkids Books publishes many books to help kids to explore different situations where conflicts may occur and to help to make responsible and caring decisions. We are pleased to have the opportunity to review the The Line in the Sand Book with my son.

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Who is Owlkids Books?

Owlkids Books is a Toronto-based award-winning independent book publisher for readers aged 0-14 years-old. They love making books that help kids to find a love of reading and to learn about the world around them.

What is The Line in the Sand About?

Thao Lam depicts a story where a simple line in the sand on a beach that creates curiosity and tension between two monsters on either side of this barrier in The Line in the Sand. These characters are not sure what the line means or if it can be crossed. The line then brings about confusion and anger between the two monsters to a point where both become angry with each other. 

Suddenly, a bee buzzes its way in their direction, crossing the line the two monsters are arguing about. Realizing how silly their squabble over the line had become, the monsters remove the line that brought about this strife and join their other monster friends on the beach at play.

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The Line in the Sand Book Review

For a book without words, The Line in the Sand is a fun read. Lam’s bright and colourful monsters popped off the page against the sandy setting of the story. Lam’s characters were also extremely expressive so young readers can understand the range of emotions being expressed on the monsters’ faces throughout the story. 

The idea of a line causing such a disturbance is a great way for kids to understand what can happen when misunderstandings occur. It is an interesting metaphor representing so many things that can cause conflict between friends. 

The most important part was seeing the bee cross the line, allowing both monsters to see that their fight was not necessary. Both monsters erasing the line and being friends again is also significant because it shows the importance of forgiveness.

A high recommendation for Owlkids Books’ The Line in the Sand

Since this title from Owlkids Books does not have any words, it allowed for my son to practice his interpretation skills as we read this book together. I asked him what he thought was happening on each page. He was able to describe what was happening on most of the pages with ease. The situations he did not understand we discussed. He then had other questions about this story and how it related to the world around us.

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My son also LOVED the monster characters. The main monsters are completely different, yet fun to look at throughout this story. He was not able to decide which one he liked more. The faces these characters expressed when sharing different emotions were easy for him to recognize. Overall, The Line in the Sand is a fun read that can help kids learn about conflicts can begin and how easy it can be to diffuse them. Finally, I feel that this title is a great bedtime story book to share with your little ones.


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I learned more about Owlkids by following their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

Disclaimer: I was given this book by Owlkids Books to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. I would like to read the book A Last Goodbye to the little ones in my life. I think it would help them deal with emotional losses in their lives as I know a couple will loose their beloved dog soon….


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