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Revenge of the Raccoons Book Review

Clever books are always welcome in my home. Owlkids Books has a wide range of books for all types of readers to get lost in and enjoy! We are so happy to be reviewing the Revenge of the Raccoons book by Vivek Shraya.

My son was asked to read a few titles from Owlkids that touch on various topics. Each of these books share a different message to help open the world to them from numerous points of view.

Who is Owlkids Books?

Owlkids Books is a Toronto-based award-winning independent book publisher for readers aged 0-14 years-old. They love making books that help kids to find a love of reading and to learn about the world around them.

Shraya’s Revenge of the Raccoons is a humorous Owlkids read that shows readers how these furry creatures romp about our neighbourhoods. This book introduces themes of environmentalism and urbanization in a subtle and accessible way.

Owlkids Revenge of the Raccoons CoverPin
Revenge of the Raccoons Book

I feel that the themes of environmentalism and urbanization are important for children to understand. I want my kids to see how taking away the habitat of animals, like raccoons, leads to them to have to adapt to living in ours. 

Revenge of the Raccoons book review

My son is not keen on reading. He needs to have a book that has a bit of an edge and is full of life to capture his interest. Revenge of the Raccoons did just that. 

boy reading Revenge of the Raccoons bookPin

Shraya’s tale of these cunning creatures was a fun and easy read. He uses simple rhymes and language to make the story a cinch for young readers to understand this story. Additionally, Shraya uses a low word count to keep the flow of the book at a quick pace and to keep the interest of the reader from cover to cover.

Owlkids Revenge of the Raccoons Book PagePin
Owlkids Revenge of the Raccoons Book Page

Furthermore, I enjoyed how Shraya took the reader from normal activities we are used to seeing from racoons to silly actions. Cleverly, he turns the tables on humans, letting us see what we have done to their environment with urbanization. As a result, the racoons put out a paw in a way wanting peace, saying they want to share the world we both live in. 

Juliana Neufeld added to the hilarity of this book with her lively illustrations.  The comedic style she uses to assist Shraya’s tale are very bright and adorably funny. The racoons are cute yet mischievous. Many people are not fans of these rascally rodents. As we read this book, we quickly were cheering them on with their shenanigans. Lastly, Neufeld did a great job of depicting calm and erratic moments to further convey the importance of this book to readers.

Owlkids Revenge of the Raccoons Book PagePin

A high recommendation for Owlkids Books’ Revenge of the Raccoons

My son and I both enjoyed reading Revenge of the Raccoons. It is a quick read that gets its message across in a light and funny way. The clever use of short rhymes and pop off the page illustrations hep readers realize the that our world should be one we share with all its beings, even racoons. We would gladly recommend this book as a fun quiet read or a silly children’s bedtime storybook.

We learned more about Owlkids by following their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

Disclaimer: I was given this book by Owlkids Books to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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