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How to Party Like a Snail Book Review

Inclusion is an important topic for kids of all ages to learn about. Owlkids Books shares books from various authors that helps to teach kids why all types of people are needed to make our world a fun place to live. Naseem Hrab tackles this theme with humour in his book How to Party Like a Snail.

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Who is Owlkids Books?

Owlkids Books is a Toronto-based award-winning independent book publisher for readers aged 0-14 years-old. They love publishing books that help kids to find a love of reading and to learn about the world around them.

My son was asked to read a few titles from Owlkids that touch on various topics. Each of these books share a different message to help open the world to them from numerous points of view.

What is How to Party Like a Snail about?

In this story, Snail is an animal who likes to party, just not in the same way as some of his other animal friends. He likes the quieter aspects of a party: confetti, making new friends (using his indoor voice), and the quiet before everyone yells “SURPRISE!” When a party becomes too loud for Snail to bear, he retreats into his shell to continue to have a good time. 

His friends can’t see Snail enjoying himself in his shell and misunderstand his actions. They think he is not having fun at parties, so they stop inviting him to them. To show his friends he can be the life of a party, Snail plans his own Snail-type of party. Stump, a fellow introvert, chimes in with the idea that Snail might be missing a friend to share the quiet with at a party. Snail and Stump then celebrate “the Shush” together at Snails party.

Our thoughts on How to Party Like a Snail

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My son liked reading the How to Party Like a Snail book from Owlkids Books. There have been times that my son has felt as though he was misunderstood. He was grateful for the friends he had who were able to understand who he is and like to play with him in a different way than with another kid. My son also learned how to recognize some ways another children might express being introverted without their words and to reach out to them so they feel included in certain activities.

We liked how Hrab used simple language so younger readers can understand the story. We also enjoyed how you can tell the difference between the thoughts of the narrator an those of other characters. Hrab also uses descriptive language so readers can easily understand how the characters are feeling. 

Kelly Collier illustrated this amusing tale. She used bright colours in a softer way to breathe life into these cute characters. One of our favourite cues Collier used to share the feelings of the characters with readers was through their expressive eyes. It was easy to see throughout this story whether Snail was happy, sad, worried, or anxious.

A great recommendation for How to Party Like a Snail

Overall, we really loved reading How to Party Like a Snail. I felt that Hrab’s way of showing the importance of inclusion to readers was clever by means of an introverted snail. We enjoyed how gentle the story flowed while learning how there are more ways to enjoy a party. The illustrations were cute and eye-catching. My son and I discovered different ways to be amused at a party that are not loud and brash. How to Party Like a Snail is an amusing tale my son and I will be adding to the rotation of books to read together. 

To learn more about Owlkids Books, you can follow their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

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Disclaimer: I was given this book by Owlkids Books to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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