How To Plan A Great Disney Vacation

Planning a trip to Disney World can be a bit overwhelming with all the accommodations and ticket choices before you arrive and then all the Park choices and ride options once you get there. This article will guide you through the different choices available to help you how to plan your great Disney vacation and then have more time to enjoy it while there.

How to Plan a Great Disney Vacation

A Disney vacation can be fun for everyone! It isn’t just a place for parents to take kids. Adults, singles, grandparents and more can enjoy Disney! The first place to start when planning a Disney vacation is to research.

How To Get Started Planning Your Disney Vacation

A Disney vacation can be fun for everyone! It isn’t just a place for parents to take kids. Adults, singles, grandparents and more can enjoy Disney! The first place to start when planning a Disney vacation is to research.

First order the Disney planning DVD and the free maps that are available on the Disney web site. Then go to the library and find the Unofficial Guide to Disney. There are also a lot of other books on Disney that will make a great reference for your planning.

There are many sites that can help you with your planning (DisBoardsAllears, etc.). These boards are filled with people who live, eat and breath Disney and who have traveled to the parks many times. Why not dip into their vast knowledge and learn from the “experts”? You can post a question on most of these boards and have many answers within 20 minutes. Also, a lot of time there are codes and saving plans listed on the sites. There are great tips on how to save money on your trip.


After you have researched and read the web, take the information to your travel partners and/or kids. Let them see all the options (on-site resorts vs. off site hotels; Disney dining plan vs. taking snacks to parks; etc…) Get the consencus of what everyone want out of their Disney Vacation.

Then take what everyone wants and the information you have gathered from the web, Disney and your library books and let an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, like OMC Blogger, Jeremie from Pure Magic Vacations help you plan your magical trip! They are free and can really help walk you through your Disney vacation.

How to Plan a Great Disney Vacation

Disney Packing List

Now that you have booked your room, tickets and everything, it is time to start thinking about what you need to take. Go back to the web sites you researched on and find the packing lists that people have compiled. They are a great way to start thinking about what to pack and will help you not forget anything.

Collect everything you need for your trip over the months and throw in a suitcase or box designated for vacation items. This will help when it is finally time to pack. Everything will be in the same place and you won’t forget anything.

Get The Kids Involved In Planning The Disney Trip

A fun way to get kids involved in the Disney planning is to make a paper chain (one link for everyday) and on each link write some fun facts about Disney or something to do for the trip (i.e. pick up sun screen). Each day they take a link off and either get a fun fact or an activity to do (i.e. go to store with Mom to get sun screen). This will help buid the anticipation for the trip.

How to Plan Your Family Disney Vacation

Most important thing about planning a Disney trip, have fun in the planning too!

1. Disney World Accommodations

When visiting Disney World, you have the choice of either staying on-site or in a nearby location.

The Disney on-site resorts are normally more expensive, but they have taken extra efforts to help extend the whole Disney experience through decor. Their best amenities is that all Disney hotel guest are eligible for an hour early (or up to 2 hours late) admission at one of the theme parks daily.

There are literally hundreds of off-site hotels in the Disney World area, with many serviced by the airport shuttle and offer free service to Parks.

How to Plan a Great Disney Vacation

2. Disney Tickets

Children ages 3-9 qualify for a child ticket while everyone aged 10 and up must buy an adult ticket. There are two main ticket choices to choose from which range from one day to a season pass. You can purchase tickets for one park or all four and can add on a water park option as well.

The Magic Your Way Base Ticket allows entrance into one theme park per day while the Park Hopper Option allows each ticket holder the ability to go from Theme Park to Theme Park on the same day.

3. Inside Disney World

On your way into the parks, all of your bags will need to be checked before you head to the entrance lanes and WAIT in line.

Once inside, the first thing you need to do is get a guide map and a times guide for the day. These are available right past the entrance, at Guest Relations and in most of the shops. This will tell you the parade, fireworks and character-greeting schedule to help you organize your day.

Use your guide map to see where your favourite Disney rides are located. You can either join the crowds and run there or, hop on the Disney train at the main street station and ride there. You can also print our Disney Park Planner Printables‏ that will allow you to enjoy the park and plan out the perfect Disney Vacation!

How to Plan a Great Disney Vacation

4. Disney World Rides

The popular rides at Disney World can have unbearable lines but you can cut that time down with timing. For short lines, hit the most popular rides early in the morning, during dinnertime, right before closing and during the parades.

The other way to spend less time in line is to use a Disney FastPass option, which allows you to get a ticket for a later time. Get one for a popular ride then ride some of the shorter lined ones (or go eat) until it is your ticket time. Repeat the process throughout the day.

How to Plan a Great Disney Vacation
How to Plan a Great Disney Vacation

Hoping you enjoyed our tips on How to Plan a Great Disney Vacation! Disney World has something for everyone: if you want it fast, slow, wet, dry, scary or bland they have a ride for you! Hard to believe it all started with just one mouse named Mickey!

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  1. I went to Disney World when I was 22 and even though I couldn’t do the rides because I’m in a wheelchair, I had a great time just seeing everything and of course the Dole Whip. It’s a great experience !


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