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Disney World Hidden Mickeys With Printable Mickey Mouse Cards

When you’re inside the gates of your favourite Walt Disney Park, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Disney World Hidden Mickeys. It’s a free activity that adds a bit of fun and adventure to an already exciting day. Keep reading, to learn more about how this phenomenon came about and some of the best ways to locate this famous little mouse.

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What Are Hidden Mickeys?

Finding Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World has been a past time of guests for years and years. Simply put, a Hidden Mickey is the silhouette of Mickey Mouse (usually in the form of the familiar circles that make up his head and ears) hidden somewhere among the visual elements of the park in a way that isn’t immediately obvious.

This can lead to some confusion, since the classic mouse ears are often used as a theme while decorating, such as the mouse ears that adorn lampposts throughout the park. That being said, many park goers agree that a sighting doesn’t officially count as a Hidden Mickey unless it’s obviously hidden from plain sight in a clever way.

Disney World Hidden Mickeys and Printable Mickey Mouse Cards Pin
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Main Entrance

Where Can They Be Found?

You have the chance find a Hidden Mickey anywhere in the park. It might be hiding in the backdrop of a ride, decorating the tables at a restaurant, or tucked away in the waiting area of one of the attractions.

Some of them are quite cleverly hidden, while others are a bit easier to spot. They aren’t so uncommon throughout the park, so keep your eyes open and you’ll be spotting them in no time. Hidden Mickeys aren’t necessarily limited to the park either. If you’re lucky, you may even find a few back at your resort.

Disney World Hidden Mickeys and Printable Mickey Mouse Cards Pin

When Did the Tradition Start?

Disney Imagineers have been hiding Mickey Mouse in park elements since the opening of Epcot. Because alcohol was originally slated to be served in that section of the park, Disney officials didn’t like the idea of including its characters in design elements.

However, the designers got together and decided to defy the ruling by hiding the tiny images in honour the beloved cartoon character. Eventually, Mr. Disney gave in to fan requests regarding the use of the iconic character at Epcot. But, the tradition of hiding Mickey was already well into play.

Disney's Hidden Mickeys and Printable Mickey CardsPin
Soarin’ attraction at Epcot 

Where Do I Start?

All you need to do to start your search for Hidden Mickeys (while in the park) is take a look around or when your family is doing a Disney World scavenger hunt and challenges. Once you’ve spotted them, you’ll want some way to keep track of your findings so that you remember them later. Think about bringing a printable Mickey Mouse Card, a journal along with you to note the location of the Mickeys you find, or take pictures with a camera or your phone to show friends and family after your trip.

Disney World Hidden Mickeys and Printable Mickey Mouse Cards Pin

If you get stumped on where to look for more, there are a few resources that can help you. You can’t get an official guide from Disney, as park officials won’t even acknowledge that they exist in order to enhance the mystery. What’s the solution? A number of guests now maintain blogs to share information on Hidden Mickeys and to offer hints on how to find them.

Disney World Hidden Mickeys and Printable Mickey Mouse Cards Pin

Armed with this information, it should be easier for you to start your search for Disney’s Hidden Mickeys. If you love to solve mysteries, this activity is definitely for you!

Disney World Hidden Mickeys and Printable Mickey Mouse Cards Pin
Disney World Hidden Mickeys and Printable Mickey Mouse Cards

Printable Mickey Mouse Cards

To help you make a fun game of finding the Hidden Mickeys, I created printable Mickey Mouse cards for you to download HERE or click on the photos below! You can also laminate them in case of a rainy day, or if you want to bring them on wet rides. They will fit perfectly in a pocket!

Disney World Hidden Mickeys and Printable Mickey Mouse Cards Pin
Printable Disney Hidden Mickey Cards

How to use the printable Mickey Mouse cards:

  • Each family member gets a card.
  • Write each name on a card (optional: laminate after).
  • When you find a Hidden Mickey, punch one of the Mickey Mouse icons with a handheld 1 hole punch.
  • When you are done finding the 12 Hidden Mickeys, you may treat your family members to some delicious Disney Food. After all, you worked hard to find them!

I’m hoping they will help make your trip more memorable and magical!

Happy searching!

Photos Courtesy of Jeremie at Pure Magic Vacations

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  1. Disney is famouse for their subliminal messages in movies.. didn’t know there were physical hidden things too there!!

  2. This is such a cool thing for Disney to do. You could spend the day scoping them out. I wonder if they’re at both Disney parks.

  3. I hadn’t known about this at all! I think it’s absolutely wonderful, just makes a trip to Disney even more magical.

  4. Wow this is great . We been Mickey Mouse fans for many years. Have a collection of his stuff. Thanks so much for the card printouts and the game information. Kids will love it.

  5. I didn’t know of these hidden Mickeys, will have to be on the lookout next time we go. These cards will also come in handy, thank you.


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