How to Save Even More on a Disney Vacation

Whether it’s your first time to Walt Disney World, or if you’ve been before, you likely already know that it can be costly. That said, there are many great tips and tricks out there to help you save even more on your Disney vacation. This is what makes it possible for couples, families, and friends to attend the Disney parks and enjoy all that they have to offer. Lets look at How to Save Even More on a Disney Vacation!

You may already know about how you can use certain credit cards to earn reward points that you can use towards plane tickets for Disney vacation trip, but what are some other ways you can save even more?


How to Save Even More on a Disney Vacation
How to Save Even More on a Disney Vacation


Here’s how to save even more on a Disney vacation!


1. Go in the off season

There’s no real “off season” for Disney, since everyone loves it, but there are certain times of year that people visit more frequently than others. For example, summer is popular because the weather is nice and students are out of school for summer vacation. That said, the Disney parks are located in warm climates and you can choose a less popular time of year to visit and save some. Remember this to Save Even More on a Disney Vacation!

2. Order groceries in 

Did you know that you can have groceries delivered to your hotel and prepare meals in your room to save on the costs of eating out in the park? Even with the delivery fees, you’re going to save a ton. A soda can cost as much as $4 inside the park and trying to feed a family multiple meals a day is really going to add up.

3. Kids under three get in free

Nothing more to add. If you have little kids, you can save more on admission.

4. Shop Costco for savings

Costco sometimes has some great travel tickets and fun passes like the CityPass on discount. Check it out to see how much you can save.


How to Save Even More on a Disney Vacation
Snow White and Prince Charming


5. Do your character meals at breakfast instead of dinner

If you’re planning a character meal, you can save much more by choosing breakfast instead of dinner.

6. Don’t buy bottled water

You can get free water at the counter-service restaurants in the park.

Now that you have these tips on how to save even more on a Disney vacation, you’re ready to start planning your next Disney trip today.

Have some magical fun!

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  1. Great tips to save whilst on a Disney vacation which is the most expensive vacation I’ve ever been on, with 7 kids it’s no wonder one was under 3 but still.

  2. I would definitely try to choose going other times than summer as suggested. Cutting down on the crowds somewhat always helps.

  3. You’ve got great ideas here and although it’s been over 20 years since I’ve been there, it still seems like yesterday because I had such a great time.


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