The Best Times of Year to Visit Disney Parks

Opinions vary greatly when it comes to the best times of year to visit Disney parks. If you want to avoid the crowds, then you’ll want to go when it’s off season. If you don’t mind fighting crowds and waiting in lines, you can go during the busy season. If it’s important to you to see certain seasonal Disney events (such as Halloween or Christmas events), then it’s important you go during the season you want to see.

The Best Times of Year to Visit Disney Parks
The Best Times of Year to Visit Disney Parks

Ideally for me, the best time to go is when prices are reasonable, crowds are manageable, and temperatures are tolerable. Generally speaking, the month of January and early February are the cheapest times to visit Walt Disney World. The parks are usually at their quietest due to families traveling during the holidays and the sporadic cold spells. 

Usually, hotel room prices are lower and the parks themselves are easier to visit with fewer people attending during that time.
Having said all this, no one can really tell you what is best for you. You need to decide that based on your needs and desires for your visit.

The Best Times of Year to Visit Disney Parks
The Best Times of Year to Visit Disney Parks

Here are some guidelines: 

● If you want to go when the prices are lowest and lines are shorter, you go in the off-season. That’s when the plane tickets and hotel prices for Disney are the cheapest.

● Avoid summer, spring break, and all the holidays.

● If you want to go when the weather is not too hot, consider going between October and April. The Disney parks are located in warm climates so even during those months, the weather will be mild.

The Best Times of Year to Visit Disney Parks
The Best Times of Year to Visit Disney Parks

Now you know how to determine the best times of year to visit Disney parks, you can plan your Disney trip. Have a magical trip!

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  1. Definitely don’t go in July like I did. 20 years ago I went to Disney World in July and in was 110 degrees with 98 percent humidity, so as you can imagine it was too hot to do pretty much everything and I don’t know how the people in in costumes don’t pass out from heat exhaustion.


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