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Party Supplies That Are Versatile and Fun!

I love planning and throwing parties. Since summer is just around the corner, there are so many chances to throw a party or plan an event! One of my favourite parts of throwing a party is choosing the party supplies needed for the type of party being thrown.

When I can, I like to use party supplies that are versatile, so it can either be used for another event in a different way. Some of these items may seem as those they only have one purpose, but I hope to give you some ideas as to how the items can be more than a one-trick pony as different kinds of supplies for a party!

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Lights in a vase

Hat or helmet

If you are into sports, or wanted to have a sport-themed party or event, a hat or helmet is a great item to use to add to your party theme. Some of you might be thinking that using a hat or helmet is a bit far fetched, but it can be done! You can either use one or both of these items that has a particular colour scheme or favourite sports team to inspire how you decorate your event. You can even use more than one for specific ideas. Here are a few ways something as simple as a hat or a helmet can become a party supply to decorate your party:

  • They can be used to decorate chairs or tables;
  • You could buy some and create a garland out of them;
  • With a bowl cleverly placed inside, they can be used to hold utensils and party favours;
  • They could be used as a centerpieces for your event table; or
  • Whether it was purchased by the host or if everyone brought their own,   they could adorn the heads of the guests at your party as party hats or helmets!
Party Supplies That Are Versatile and Fun!Pin
Baseball hat

Sparkly garland or fun chains

Sparkly garland or fun chains is another great party supply item to have that has a multitude of uses, and can help to decorate various party or event themes. Whether it is beaded or flat, sparkly garland or chain helps to tie your theme together better. These are some ways sparkly garland can be used to jazz up a party:

  • Garland can used it to create a feature wall;
  • It can accent or adorn chairs and/or tables;
  • It can be hung above a table to entry way;
  • Chains can be put into vases, bowls or other containers for decoration and an extra bit of bling; or
  • You can add small pictures that would complement your theme at specific lengths onto it for more fun!
Party Supplies That Are Versatile and Fun!Pin
chains in a vase

Stringed lighting

When the occasion calls for it, I also like to use some form of stringed lighting as a party supply to make an event more decorative. They can be used to help decorate an elaborate affair, a children’s party, or a fun get-together, both indoors or outdoors. This is how I would use stringed lights to accomplish this:

  • It can be used as garland to dress up a table;
  • It can be hung above the table to act like stars or fairies;
  • You can attach the lights to mason jars to create lanterns; or
  • They can be put inside or around objects to decorate a table
Party Supplies That Are Versatile and Fun!Pin
Party Supplies That Are Versatile and Fun!

Bucket or pail

Probably the most versatile of object I would use as party supply would be a bucket or pail. Dressed up or dressed down, patterned or plain, this item can be most useful while also being a part of your party or event’s decor! Here are just of the reasons why a pail or bucket is such a fabulous party supply:

  • It can be used as part of your buffet service by holding utensils, supplies or certain food within it;
  • With ice in it, it can keep your party drinks chilled;
  • Bucket can hold paper, markers, and other supplies if children are going to be colouring or drawing at a table;
  • It can hold party favours in it;
  • Bucket could be a part of a centerpiece, or help support a centerpiece;
  • It can be a vase; or
  • It can be a centerpiece!
Party Supplies That Are Versatile and Fun!Pin
Summer Bucket

Putting together a party or an event can be a bit of a challenge. Having fun party supplies can add more amusement to your festivities, and tie your décor together, too!

Have fun celebrating this summer!

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  1. Great ideas! I love repurposing things. I feel so much better knowing that I did not buy MORE things to bring into the house that are used only once in a while!

  2. great ideas here! Some will be put into use for the upcoming birthday party I have to plan.
    I especially love new ideas for the lights!

    • Thanks Darlene! Even though I love shopping for items to decorate for an event, there are times when I also like looking around my home to see if I can use something to add something fun to the party, too!

  3. Some very nice ideas here, I especially like the lights around the glass vase, I’ve never seen that done before.


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