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17 Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

So you have a Marvel Spiderman lover on your hands. Their birthday is coming up and you are scratching your head. How do you pull off an all things Spidey party without losing your mind? Outside of the everything will be a blue and red theme with webs since that is kind of a given. How else do you go above and beyond to make their Spiderman theme party even more memorable and stand out? You will find below 17 Spiderman Party Ideas!

We took it upon ourselves to do the work for you! You’re Welcome! 

17 Spiderman Party IdeasPin
17 Spiderman Party Ideas

Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

With these Spiderman birthday party ideas, you can start prepping for an all out Spiderman experience days in advance. Maybe tackle the decorations one day and another start on the treats. The treats will keep great in an airlock tight container until you are ready to set up. Don’t forget to purchase or make the Spiderman birthday cake. Get your child involved in the preparations, they will appreciate their party so much more and will have stories for days on how “they” did all the work. Of course, I am sure they will leave the clean up for you, however, isn’t that what kids do?

17 Spiderman Party IdeasPin

Go over this list of ideas for party decorations, party favors, and party games with your little spider and have them make out the list of what they would like at their themed party. Make them go shopping with you to get the party supplies and then actually create the items with you.


17 Spiderman Party Ideas

Without further ado, so you can get ideas flowing and make your shopping lists, here are our top picks for Spiderman Party Ideas that will assist you with a child pleasing Spidey party.

1. Paper Plate Spiderman
2. Spiderman Cupcakes 
3. Spiderman Birthday Ideas
4. Superhero Party Ideas
5. Superhero Jello
6. Spiderman Watermelon
7. Spiderman Slime
8. Amazing Spiderman Party Ideas
9. DIY Spiderman Party
10. Simple Spiderman Cookie

11. Spiderman Candy Apples
12. Spiderman-Inspired Strawberries
13. Spiderman Cake Pops
14. Spiderman Handprint
15. Split Pin Spiderman Craft
16. Spiderman Cupcake Toppers
17. Spiderman Cake In A Jar

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  1. so many great options! We actually saw a few of these used at the last party we attended! That little guy is one huge Spider man fan!

  2. Such cute ideas my grandson would love this, he’s a big fan of superheros. I especially love the strawberries. 🙂

  3. I just can’t understand how people can come up with such creative ideas, I never do 🙁 The watermelon Spiderman and the cupcakes are adorable too. 🙂


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