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3 Las Vegas Vacation Tips for First Time Tourists

Las Vegas can be overwhelming for first time visitors. Following a few simple tips can help make a trip to Vegas go smoothly and be one to remember! There are many Las Vegas travel guides out there, but many of them don’t take into consideration the first time visitors who won’t have a complete idea of what they really want to do or see. You will find below 3 Las Vegas vacation tips for first time tourists!

3 Las Vegas Vacation Tips for First Time Tourists

Las Vegas Vacations: Three Travel Tips for First Time TouristsPin
Last Vegas Sign

The Vegas Strip can be very intimidating to first time visitors to Sin City, and no matter how many travel articles a tourist reads in preparation, the actual first time experience on the Strip can be overwhelming. There are several helpful vacation planning tips that can help the first time Las Vegas visitor prepare to enjoy the city like an old school pro!

1. Prepare for Sensory Overload on the Vegas Strip

This is a big one. Even in the “less flashy” and older casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, the first time tourist to Vegas can easily be overwhelmed by the loud sounds, bright flashing lights, and huge groups of interesting people everywhere you look. Some are dressed up, some are scantily clad, and some are dressed up very strangely. Wherever a first time visitor looks, there are dozens of people or signs vying for undivided attention, so it’s not a bad idea for first time visitors to Las Vegas to take it easy when you first arrive.

Las Vegas Vacations: Three Travel Tips for First Time TouristsPin
Las Vegas Vacations: Three Travel Tips for First Time Tourists

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes

The maps in guidebooks or even from online make the Las Vegas Strip look fairly small and easy to walk, but this is not the case. The Strip is over 5 miles long, and can seem much longer for tourists who visit in the summer and have to deal with the intense desert heat. Even going to a casino that is “only” two down from the one a tourist is staying at could be a one mile or more walk. Because of this, wearing comfortable shoes is an absolute must, especially for people walking outside during the afternoon hours.

Las Vegas Vacations: Three Travel Tips for First Time TouristsPin
Gambling at Las Vegas

3. Don’t Try to Do Everything on One Vegas Trip

A five day trip to Las Vegas can seem like weeks. There are many great shows held at virtually every major casino resort on the Vegas Strip, dozens of great restaurants and buffets, dance clubs, and of course more slot machines and table games than anyone could play in a lifetime. First time visitors in particular can sometimes be easily overwhelmed, and it is important to have an idea of what one wants to do on the trip, and what can wait.

Las Vegas Vacations: Three Travel Tips for First Time TouristsPin
Fountains in Las Vegas

There is so much to do in Las Vegas that planning can be very important. Don’t try to fit in everything in one trip. It’s just not possible. While there is entertainment to be found at all hours of the day or night up and down the Strip, the best thing that first time visitors can do is decide on a few shows they really want to see, a few places they really want to check out, or what type of gambling they really want to do, and stick to that plan.

Plans can always change mid-vacation, but having a basic plan in place will help to ensure that first time visitors to Las Vegas will get the most out of their experience.

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  1. I was astonished mainly at the price of meals, mind this is going back years. We paid twice as much for plain spaghetti for the kids than we did for lobster for the adults – my kids would never forego lobster these days though, lol. Luckily we had our car so we could go places and see the area around Las Vegas too.

  2. Vegas has been on my bucket list for a while . Going to start saving in the new year . Can’t wait to see the shows . I will definitely be bringing comfortable shoes .

  3. I would advise the same things. You definitely need comfortable shoes because yes, so much walking! And nope I didn’t get everything in that I wanted to see the first time either.

  4. Definitely the sensory overload – during my first visit I really needed to take breaks all the time. My head was practically on a swivel!


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