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7 Planning Tips to Implement Before Starting Home Renovation

Usually, home renovations are massive and expensive projects that require a lot of time and effort. That’s why so many people tend to postpone them to the last moment – until home maintenance issues start interfering with their everyday lives. Fortunately, you can avoid this scenario if you approach planning and organizing carefully and thoughtfully.

In this article, you will find seven planning tips you should implement before you start any home renovation project. They range from determining the budget, building a timeline, and hiring reliable contractors to creating layouts and obtaining necessary permits, among other things. Read on and make sure your house remodel runs smoothly!

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Define Your Budget

The first step of any home renovation project is a careful cost analysis. The main goal here is to define how much you can afford to spend on the project and how much it will cost to complete. The best way to do this is to create a detailed timeline, which will help you determine how much money you need to invest at every stage of the project.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s also crucial to estimate unexpected expenses. For example, if you plan to add another bathroom or kitchenette, you should definitely include the costs of hiring an electrician, plumbing, and a plumber in your home renovation budget. You never know what kind of issues you might run into during the renovation process – so make sure you’re as prepared as possible.

Get Necessary Permits

Home renovations often involve work with electrical wiring, plumbing, etc., which means you will need to obtain necessary permits. However, it’s not enough just to get a permit – you must also notify your local inspector about planned construction.

This is especially important when you plan on doing major home renovations – for example, changing the structure of your house entirely or converting a big garage (standard double garage door size range between 10 to 16ft wide) into an additional living room. In this case, you should consult with a structural engineer who will tell you if your plans are compliant with building codes and regulations.

Build a Schedule and Stick to It

Building a schedule is crucial when it comes to home renovations. The timeline will help you estimate when and how long each part of the project will take, and it will keep you on track throughout the entire renovation process. It’s also important to consider other factors, such as holidays, weekends, etc. Besides, you should never forget that even minor home repairs can take more time than they initially seemed to take.

Now that you have a well-planned schedule in place, you must follow it until your reno is finished. That’s why it’s crucial to stick to the timeline and not give up on the project even when things get rough.

For example, if your contractor cannot finish the job on time, contact them immediately and find out what went wrong. If they fail to provide satisfactory answers, don’t hesitate to look for another contractor.

Hire Professionals

One of the most critical aspects of planning a successful home renovation project is hiring reliable contractors. You should choose contractors carefully based on their previous experience, reviews from previous clients, etc.

Ensure that you hire only those who have experience with similar projects and are familiar with all the latest building codes and regulations. Also, check whether they have a license for working in your state – it could save you a lot of trouble later on.

Create Layouts

Creating layouts before starting any home renovation project is extremely important if you want to complete it successfully and on time. To create layouts for your house remodel, you must first decide how you want your home to look like after the renovation is finished.

Then, use measuring tools, such as tape measures and extension rods to create floor plans and layouts for each room involved in the remodel. You can also use your computer or an actual blueprinting program or an interior design app to draw up layouts for each room and then print them out for future reference. This will help you keep track of all the changes made to your house during the renovation process and avoid making costly mistakes.

Create a Checklist

When it comes to home renovations, a well-organized checklist can be a life-saver. That’s why you should create a list of essential tasks to perform before starting any major home renovation project. This will help you stay focused and avoid missing necessary steps.

You can also create a detailed checklist for every room involved in the project, which will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. Of course, it’s essential to follow the checklist carefully and not miss any steps. Otherwise, you might end up in a worse situation than you’ve begun with.

Ensure That You Have All the Tools and Materials Required

This tip applies mainly to minor home repairs – but it can also be helpful when planning major home renovations. Make sure you have prepared everything you need – tools and materials – before starting a repair project since it will save you a lot of time and effort in the process. You don’t want to interrupt the repair work because you ran out of tools or supplies – that’s why it’s essential to get everything prepared in advance.

For example, if you plan on installing new cabinets, make sure you already have all the tools necessary for the installation. This way, you won’t have to interrupt the project because you don’t have a specific tool – and that will save you a lot of time.

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Final Thoughts

Planning and organizing are essential if you want to complete any home renovation project effectively. It will save you a lot of time and effort in the future and help you avoid mistakes that can cost you extra money.

The list of tips above contains everything you need to know in order to plan and organize a home renovation project before starting it. You should follow these tips to ensure that your project will be implemented successfully and in a timely manner.

Lyne Proulx
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  1. Thanks for the great tips! My husband tends to just begin a project–like, 3 days before Christmas, or the day before a family reunion. LOL.


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