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17 New Year’s Eve Crafts For Kids

New Year’s Eve is a time for having fun with the whole family. If you have kids, part of the fun can definitely be craft-related. What follows is a short list of projects, suitable for kids of all ages. Chances are, your kids will have a hard time deciding on which one to do first. You will find below 17 New Year’s Eve Crafts For Kids!

17 New Years Eve Crafts For KidsPin
17 New Years Eve Crafts For Kids

17 New Year’s Eve Crafts For Kids

Paper Plate Noise Maker

What’s a New Year’s Eve celebration without noise makers? These party favours are really festive and quite easy to make. Necessary supplies include paper plates, several colours of curled ribbon, crayons or markers, tape, a stapler and something like small beads or pasta that makes noise when you shake it.

Balloon Countdown

This is a fun way to reminisce about what’s happened during the past year. Using a small funnel, fill clear balloons with a bit of gold glitter. Next, fill the balloons with helium (Many party supply stores have portable helium tanks for rent.)

Print out the provided tags and attach one to each balloon. Add adhesive numbers (7 through 12) for the countdown. At the top of each hour, pop the corresponding balloon and have your kids answer the question on the tag.

17 New Years Eve Crafts For KidsPin
17 New Years Eve Crafts For Kids

Toilet Paper Party Poppers

There’s no reason to spend the money on expensive party poppers when you can make your own. What’s so cool about this particular craft is that it gives kids a chance to get really creative.

All that’s required to make the poppers is recycled toilet paper rolls, confetti, tissue paper in a variety of colours, small trinkets or little pieces of candy, washi tape, ribbon and scissors.

Fill the to the paper rolls with the confetti and candy or trinkets. Wrap each roll in tissue paper, twisting the ends. Decorate as desired. To “pop” the poppers, simply pull hard on each end and watch the confetti fly.

I hope you take the time to explore all of the fun New Year’s Eve crafts on this list. It’s not too early to think about things for kids to do or eat as they bring in the new year!

17 New Year’s Eve Crafts For Kids

17 New Years Eve Crafts For KidsPin
17 New Years Eve Crafts For Kids

1. Toilet Paper Roll Party Poppers
2. New Years Eve Balloon Countdown
3. Pop Homemade Firework Craft
4. New Years Ever Countdown Chain For Kids
5. Paper Plate Noise Maker
6. New Years Ever DIY Party Hats
7. Sparkling New Years Eve Party Slime
8. Fireworks Play Dough
9. New Year’s Wishing Wand
10. Fireworks Craft
11. New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags
12. New Year’s Time Capsule
13. New Years Eve Ball Craft For Kids
14. New Years Eve Rice Shaker
15. Fireworks Ring Craft
16. New Years Eve DIY Noise Maker For Kids
17. Fireworks Fingerprint Craft

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  1. These are all great New Years Eve crafts for the kids, they love to get involved in all the fun as well, we used to have a small party with my girls before they went to bed, and they loved it, well I think they loved the noise makers more lol!

  2. Great New Year’s Eve Crafts ideas. The New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags and the Paper Plate Noise Maker sound like a lot of fun.

  3. I love these ideas! Great craft idea for this awkward time between christmas and new years!! Love the Toilet Paper Party Poppers one!

  4. When I lived in Germany it was tradition there to let of fireworks at midnight, kids loved that. The noisier the better. Crafts to keep kids busy are always a good idea, they get so excited about New Year. 🙂


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