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3 Exercises To Slay Fat For Good

Do you know what a great year this is going to be and why it’s going to rock? Because you’re committed.  You’re determined, focused, motivated and above all else you have a plan to burn that body fat and keep it off. For good this time! Well that’s awesome and you know what is going to help you do that… These 3 exercises to slay fat for good are very seldom used nowadays…and for some these will make all the difference in the world.

3 Exercises to Slay Fat for GoodPin

Exercises to Slay Fat for Good

These exercises are the Push Away, Stirring the Pot and the Press to Stand. Now let’s get started shall we!

3 Exercises to Slay Fat for GoodPin

The Push Away

This one is very simple to do. You don’t even need any special equipment other than your dining room chair and table.

The setup:  You’re going to sit down with one plate of assorted vegetables, meats, maybe a few carbs if necessary and some water, coffee or tea.

The exercise:  You’re going to eat this one plate and then you’re going to push yourself right out of that chair.

The finish:  Yep, that’s right easy as pie, but not as tasty. The push away from the table is one of the best moves you can make in as far as fat loss goes. Stopping yourself from eating too much may be difficult, but it’s often those tasty desserts, extra portions and servings that you intake during the day that’s ruining your fat loss efforts.

3 Exercises to Slay Fat for GoodPin

Stir The Pot

Now this one isn’t as simple as the first exercise, but it’s just as important.

The setup:  You’re going to get a couple of key recipes that you know are totally awesome and good for you. You’ll have to go shopping to make sure you have a few of the key ingredients. They are guaranteed tasty and awesome for losing body fat.

The exercise:  Now you’re going to get busy stirring that pot. Get yourself cooking your own meals.  I know it’s a hassle and not as effective as going to McDonalds or wherever your favourite fast food restaurant is located, but it’s guaranteed to help you lose weight. If you know what’s in your food you’ll at least be sure to make sure it’s good quality and tastes great.

The finish:  Cooking for yourself is not only rewarding, but it helps burn extra calories and makes your life so much more worth living. You get to accomplish something daily for both you and your family. Not only that but you’re going to be making healthier choices simply by choosing what you’re putting in your dishes.

3 Exercises to Slay Fat for GoodPin

Press to Stand

Now as with all the others this isn’t really an exercise so to say, but it still counts for big dividends towards weight loss.

The setup:  This one is much easier than cooking and requires very little command and control. All you have to do is press the remote button to the OFF position on your television remote or laptop. Then assume a standing position and go do something else.

The exercise:  The doing something else can be pretty much anything. There are often way too much time spend lying around and flittering here and there on the interwebs. It’s time for action and you can’t burn enough calories sitting around to do you much good.

The finish:  If you’re really after some great weight loss try using this unproductive time watching television or playing another game of Candy Crush and go do some hard physical exercise. Go for a bike ride, join a gym, lift some weights, take the dog for a walk, go outside and throw a ball for the kids.  Anything in which you’re moving more often than not is going to be a big help in terms of your weight loss goals.

3 Exercises to Slay Fat for GoodPin

There you have it. Three exercises that will not only help burn fat, but will overall lead to a better quality of life and health for the whole family. If you enjoyed this little humorous segment on exercise please feel free to share this post with your friends. As your Captain in health and fitness I salute you and wish you a very successful year!


Jess Howland
Jess Howland
Jess Howland is a Veteran US Army Captain serving as Master of Youth Awesomeness and Strength Coach for Hostyle Conditioning in Orleans, ON. Jess holds a BS degree in Exercise Science from Oregon State University, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), among other training and nutritional certifications. A simple country boy turned lifetime fitness enthusiast and passionate trainer, who inspires everyone he meets to be involved in fitness, strength training and optimal nutrition in support of his personal motto Be Strong, Be Fast, and Be Resilient. Known for his high intensity, hybrid programs and never ending pursuit of fitness endeavors his former colleagues call him by his nickname CAPTAIN SMASH (CPT SMASH) or just SMASH. Jess coaches a wide variety of people as he believes in Hostyle Conditioning’s mission of transforming the ordinary lives of men and women into leading extraordinary lives that are improved through a blend of hybrid strength training and dynamic cardio conditioning. Jess has established himself as a lead trainer in Youth Strength and Conditioning, as well as specialty programming for special populations as military, police/firefighter, nurses and strength sport competitors. As a professional coach, Jess loves what he does to provide purpose, direction and motivation to those who feel that they need help in getting to from A (current fitness level) to B (goal fitness level).

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Love these tips! Too many times its easy to overeat! (especially after having kids, My belly just keeps stretching but I never feel full any more.) So its very easy to overeat. Def something to keep in the back of my mind while eating! Thanks

  2. Not what I expected! These are, however, probably the three most effective weight-loss “exercises” anyone can do. Thanks for the humourous reminder.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and had a laugh, which is also good for you too. Not only will cooking your own food keep you healthier it will also save you money too! Even just going to McDs with a family isn’t cheap.


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