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10 Easter Traditions Around the World

Easter is celebrated all around the world but every country has its own unique way of celebrating. For example, in Canada and the United States, the Easter bunny and egg hunts are popular. You will find below 10 Easter Traditions Around The Word to share with your family!

Families gather together and enjoy decorating the boiled eggs all different colours before hiding them for the kids to search for with their baskets in hand. Chocolate bunnies are also a big part of celebrating Easter in the Canada and the U.S. but in other parts of the world, things are very different.

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Here are 10 of the most well-known Easter traditions around the world!

  1. In Sweden, kids dress up as Easter witches and visit their neighbours where they trade their drawings and paintings for sweet treats the days leading up to Easter Sunday.
  2. In Germany, they decorate Easter eggs and hang them on the trees throughout the towns.
  3. In Bermuda, people celebrate by eating codfish cakes and hot cross buns and on Good Friday, they fly homemade kites.
  4. In Haux, France, the people gather together and make a giant omelet that is large enough to feed a thousand people. On Easter Monday, they serve it in the main town square for all the townspeople to eat.
  5. In Norway, the people gather together to read crime novels known as Paaskekrimmen and some watch crime shows on TV.
  6. In Europe, they have Easter Fires, which are big bonfires they light on Easter Sunday and Monday.
  7. In Poland, they practice the tradition of Smingus-Dyngus in which the boys go around on Easter Monday and try to pour buckets of water on other people.
  8. In Israel, many people walk the path Jesus walked on the day he was crucified on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday they go to the Garden Tomb for a church service.
  9. In the Czech Republic, the men use whips they make themselves out of willow branches and decorate with ribbon to spank the women in an effort the transfer the vitality and fertility of the tree to the women.
  10. In Hungary, the boys go around and sprinkle water, cologne or perfume over the heads of the young women and then ask them for a kiss.
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As you can see, the world is full of unique Easter traditions. If you’re traveling to a difficult country during this holiday, you may want to do a little research first. This way, you’ll know to expect while you’re there so you’re not caught off guard.

Lyne Proulx
Lyne Proulxhttps://ottawamommyclub.ca/
Lyne Proulx is a Certified WEBB Bodywork Pet Practitioner, Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), Certified Professional Wedding Consultant, and an Event Planner. She loves all things Disney and is an avid teaholic and chocoholic. She coordinated the Annual Infant Information Day/Early Years Expo for the City of Ottawa for 8 years. She was the Queen B of the BConnected Conference, Canada's Digital Influencer and social media Conference in Ottawa and Toronto. She was also the co-chair of the Navan for Kraft Hockeyville 2009-2011 committee that organized five community events within 6 months, and helped Navan reach the top 10 finalists in Canada. In April 2011, she received the City of Ottawa Mayor's City Builder Award.

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  1. I love Easter and what it stands for. I could not live without this wonderful gift God blessed us with. This article was so interesting. I had no idea

  2. I have always wanted to visit Israel. It would be particularly meaningful to visit at Passover/Easter time. I would love to see firsthand where He walked.

  3. This was an interesting read, thanks for sharing. I have lived in Germany so the hanging of painted eggs on trees isn’t new to me, however we did also hang them on twigs that were just sprouting and that made a lovely display in the home. I remember the big bonfires too, though they seemed only to be in some parts of Germany.


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