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WillLand Outdoors Hand Pouch Review

The warm weather is here! I am so excited I no longer have to wear bulky layers to stay warm. Since I do not have to wear all of these pieces of clothing, I do not always feel like carrying a large bag with me to run my errands or going out with friends. WillLand Outdoors wanted to see if they could help me strip down to carrying the essentials by asking me to review their WillLand Selection Hand Pouch.

Two hand pouches with tags

WillLand Outdoors Hand Pouch Review

The WillLand Selection Hand Pouch is great for taking just what you need with you for a day or night on the town. Below is a list of features this bag boasts:

  • Heavy duty cotton canvas bag
  • Durable genuine leather accessories
  • Genuine leather carry straps
  • Premium silver metal zippers.

For me, the cotton canvas mixed with the leather gave it an all-around look. I felt I could use it with a lot of the items I have in my wardrobe and could use it for various occasions. The texture of the bag felt softer to the touch than I thought it would be. I believed that it was going to feel a bit scratchy against my skin, but it was really comfortable. It was also easy to grip in my hand when I wanted to hold it in my hand.

Hand opening to show the lining of purse

Getting in and out of this bag was really easy. The zipper glides across its run quickly with the flick of a wrist. The genuine leather accessories made this job even easier to do. Not a fan of carrying straps? The clasps opened and closed easily so you can do strapless in a flash!

Detachable card carrier with photo window

Need to carry essential cards and photos with you? A detachable card carrier with photo window lays inside this hand pouch to make this task possible. Each card fits snug within the slots of the card holder so they did not slide around or fall out while on the move.

Top: Bag with photo pocket showing; Bottom: Bag with card wallet showing

The cotton lining on the inside of the bag felt soft and tough. I felt secure putting a lot of items in my bag without worrying about making holes through this layer. How many items was I able to fit into this pouch?

I was able to place these essentials into this Pouch bag:

  1. A key chain
  2. A small bottle of lotion
  3. A tube of lip moisturizer
  4. A pair of sunglasses
  5. A large screen smartphone in a wallet case
  6. A pair of ear buds.

I was happily surprised I was able to carry so many items in this pouch. I thought I would have to carry a small backpack with me to carry the rest of the items I like to have handy while on the move around town.

Though I do not usually carry hand pouches when I go out, the carrying strap was comfortable to use. With the weight of the items in my bag, I thought the strap would have snapped or the metal clasp would have broken within a few minutes of use. I put this bag to the test on an errand run for a few hours and found that the clasp and strap held strong. I also found it comfortable to carry this bag in my hand and my arm when I no longer wished to carry it on my wrist.


I was really impressed with the look and the strength of the WillLand Selection Hand Pouch. It can be paired with so many different outfits in my wardrobe, it is soft yet strong, it can carry many of the things I need when running around on errands without worrying about the strap breaking. I am so happy to now have a slim bag to carry my essentials with me on-the-go!

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Disclaimer: I received products from WillLand Canada in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.





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