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10 Disney Cruise Door Decoration Ideas

When you go on a Disney cruise, one thing you will notice right away is that all the stateroom doors look the same. You’ll just see massive hallways with tons of doors that look just alike (similar to many hotels as well). This can be confusing on a big ship when you’re trying to navigate your way around; however, there are ways to decorate your Disney cruise stateroom door to be able to recognize it right away. You will find below Disney cruise door decoration ideas to use on your next vacation.

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Disney cruise line stateroom door decorations

One thing that many people do to help them and their children find and identify their Disney cruise stateroom door from others is to decorate the door.

There are some guidelines from Disney about decorating your stateroom door, so, first things first, let’s look at those rules:

  • No tape or adhesive, including removable gel adhesives because they damage the finish of the door.
  • No over-the-door hangers/organizers are allowed because they scratch the stateroom doors and trim.
  • No light bulb strings or other hanging items.

If you violate these rules, Disney can charge you a $100 fine per incident to cover the costs of repairs.

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How to Decorate your Cabin Door on a Cruise

So, how DO people decorate their cruise door? The most common way is with magnets. Keep in mind that Concierge staterooms on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy have wooden doors, so magnets won’t work.

Disney Cruise Cabin Door Magnet Decorations

When decorating the Disney cruise cabin door with magnets, here are some ideas:

  • Buy rolls of magnets before your trip. You can buy magnet adhesive rolls and use them to create your own magnets.
  • Spend some time decorating and designing your own magnets at home in any designs and colours you want, and bring them with you to place on your stateroom door.
  • Buy some Disney magnets and bring with you. You may let your kids pick their favourite characters.

Disney Cruise Door Magnets

When designing your DIY Disney cruise door magnets, you can really let your own personality show. You can create some fun things online with stock photos and Photoshop or Canva, or using photos of your family from previous Disney park vacations, then laminate them and put the magnets on them. You can also purchase Disney cruise door magnets on sites like Etsy.

Disney Cruise Door Decoration Ideas

These Disney cruise door decoration ideas will come in handy to make for your next Disney cruise ship vacation:

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Take these Disney cruise cabin door magnets with you and show off your fun personality on your Disney cruise stateroom door. It also means you won’t ever lose your way when looking for your stateroom!

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