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5 Tips to Set Up Your Backyard Oasis for Outdoor Fun

The frosty winds of winter have passed, and spring has finally arrived. It is time to stop living indoors and to start enjoying your outdoor living space. There are so many things you can do to make this part of your home ready for you to love. Not sure where to start? Here are five tips to help you set up your backyard oasis for outdoor fun! 

How to Set Up Your Backyard Oasis for Outdoor Fun

Setting the stage 

Getting your patio looking its best is important to be ready to entertain outdoors. The ice and snow from winter can leave behind dirt and grime on your deck, so giving it a good wash will help it to look good and be prepared for people to enjoy. A good clean-up around your yard after a long winter also helps this part of your home look fabulous for outdoor fun. 

What space do you want to enjoy?

Once the patio is sparkling, it is time to make it comfy for your loved ones. Finding the right pieces to fill this space is key to do this. Knowing how you will be using this part of your home will help you decide what type of furniture you need. As well, knowing the dimensions of this space is important. Buying furniture that does not fit well into this is not easy or enjoyable to return. Finally, search for pieces that blend into your outdoor living area. If your home has a modern feel, find pieces that reflect this look. It will look as though your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor space. 

Add a bit of life to the mix 

5 Tips to Set Up Your Backyard Oasis for Outdoor FunPin
Outdoor deck with large plants.

Plants. Adding this bit of life to your deck or patio can help to brighten any space they occupy. A small bouquet of flowers or plants can be the star of a dining space or can adorn end tables. Larger plants can help fill in the empty spaces around your deck to make it feel more like home. Whether these plants are big or small, also take into consideration the conditions of your backyard. This will add to the health of these plants. 

Outdoor storage goes a long way 

Having places to keep items makes living outside easier. There are times when you want your outdoor space to be multipurpose for the whole family to love. Chest and ottomans that have storage space are great to accomplish this goal. These items make a great place to put toys and art supplies kids may want to play with while on your patio. Storage outside also allows for towels, dishes and other equipment to stay outside until they need to be brought indoors for the day. Hidden spaces outdoors also save on time from having to make extra trips in and out of your home. 

Fire up the grill 

What is entertaining outdoors without a barbecue! Firing up the grill can make your time outdoors so much fun for family and loved ones. Be ready to cook up a storm by cleaning out the grills and the interior of your barbecue. Make sure you are topped up with gas or charcoal so you are able to cook without running out of fuel. A great drink is a fun way to sip your way through and enjoy the day! 

These tips will help you get your backyard oasis ready for living outdoors this year. A space that is comfortable to live in outdoors makes spending time outside more fun. Time in your outdoor space is great for you and your loved ones because you get the benefits of being outside and to make memories at the same time. Having your deck or patio set up for fun is a great first step to help to make this happen! 

How do you like to enjoy your time in your backdoor oasis. Comment below!

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  1. I hope to finish my backyard oasis this year, it will have a gazebo and lots of trees/shubs. I will also add some wild flowers.

  2. Beautiful! I feel so lucky to have an outdoor space where I live and it would be nice to spruce it up a little in time for Summer. Thank you!

  3. Thanks again, Lyne, for another batch of your great ideas to breath new life into our outdoor living spaces this summer!!! I love the thought of some greenery on the deck to make it more inviting and peaceful like ….

  4. I only have a small patio but it was filled with plant pots and displays, unfortunately we’ve had frost but the tomatoes I did harvest were delicious. Only one sunflower made it and flowered for a very short time, now everything is drooping and sad.

  5. Me and my fiance just bought our first house and I can’t wait to put some vegetable gardens in . It’s so exciting . Love the idea of the large outdoor potted plants . Thanks for the tips 😀


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