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How to Spring Clean the Bathroom

How to Spring Clean the Bathroom

Just like any other room in your house, your bathroom needs to cleaned thoroughly and regularly to keep it sparkling clean. A clean airy bathroom is desirable and everyone would love to have a nice warm bath in a clean fresh nice smelling bathroom.

You can do your own bathroom spring cleaning if you are organized and have the right tools. Spring cleaning will remove any unwanted clutter, grime, and will definitely leave your bathroom with a sparkle. The following tips will help you to successfully spring clean your bathroom.

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A cleaned bathroom

Do a cleaning checklist:

In order to make your work much easier, compile a checklist and segment your bathroom into areas such as the sink, bath tub, toilet, storage cabinet, windows, the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. This will also be a great time saver for you!

Get rid of all the expired products

There is nothing as annoying at looking at half used lotions that are collecting dust and worst of all have expired. Go through your lotions, soaps, body sprays, and any other body use products that have expired or you no longer use. Put away those products that are not expired and can be used another time

Empty your waste basket

Dispose of any trash in your waste basket and clean it well before putting back into the bathroom.

Dust the bathroom

Getting rid of cobwebs and dust from the walls, storage cabinets, under the sink area and any other areas is important. Remember to also dust the ceiling as well and the corners of the bathroom. This is something that should not take you long to do. After you have finished dusting the bathroom, sweep it clean before you can start using water to clean.

Clear the bathroom

Remove anything that is not stationary so that you have good space when cleaning the bathroom. You can find a place to keep the bathroom items until you have finished cleaning the bathroom.

Wash the bathroom linen

If you don’t have any spare bathroom linen such as the bathroom rag, a hand towel, and the shower curtain, you should wash them before you start cleaning the bathroom. Thus, you’ll have fresh linen after you have finished cleaning the bathroom!

How to Spring Clean the BathroomPin
How to Spring Clean the Bathroom

Start with the storage cabinet and bathroom organizer

Remove all the items in the bathroom organizer and storage cabinet so that you can thoroughly clean them. Use a damp cloth soaked in soapy water to clean these items. Use a dry cloth to dust the combs, toothpaste, and brushes before replacing them back into their holders. Soak your toothbrushes in hot water to kill any germs on them.

Clean the bathtub

Your bathtub needs more attention when cleaning because it is a high activity area with constant contact with dirt, water, and soap. Collection of grime, and mold is common in bathrooms especially if your don’t scrub the bath tub well after every use.

Grime and mold is usually found along the edges and corners of the bath tub, the shower curtain and the drain. Using a solution of water and soap or any other cleaning agent or your choice and a brush, start cleaning the bath tub till it sparkles. Rinse the bath tub well with plain water for a shine. Lastly clean the faucets and give them a new look too.

Clean the toilet

Another area that you should spend more time cleaning is the toilet and the surrounding areas. Using a toilet cleaner , scrub it well with a toilet brush and give it a new look. Remember to also clean the outside parts of the toilet using a damp cloth to remove all the accumulated dust.

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Woman cleaning a toilet.

Clean the sink area

Cleaning the sink should not take you long, using a cleaning agent you can clean your sink under 10 minutes. Remember to also clean under the sink to give it a new look. Don’t forget to clean the faucets when cleaning the sink they also harbor grime especially around the grooves.

Clean the windows and floor

The bathroom windows should also be cleaned using soapy water and rinsing them well with plain water for a good shine. There are various window cleaning agents that you can use.

After you have finished cleaning all the areas well, the last place to clean is the bathroom floor. Remember it has been collecting all the dirt when you were cleaning the other areas. Use soapy water and rinse with plain water after for a clean floor.

Give your bathroom a new clean look and feel after spring cleaning. Use an air freshener to freshen up the air and return all the items that were there in their rightful places. Avoid clutter in the bathroom, get rid of items that you have been keeping in there and not using.

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  1. Starting this weekend for the annual spring clean. Thank you for the check list, the ceiling vent always seems to get missed.

  2. These are all great tips, but I still hate cleaning the bathroom, it’s my worst job out of the whole house!


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