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17 New Year’s Eve Treats To Enjoy

A big part of enjoying New Year’s Eve is all the yummy treats that you whip up for your family and friends. Here are 17 great recipes to consider. Remember, it’s not too early to start making menu plans!


17 New Year's Eve Treats To EnjoyPin
New Year’s Eve Treats


Countdown Cheesecake Bites

Cheesecake has always been a very popular party food. Pair it with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and you have an even bigger hit. These are super easy to make, thanks to the help of a boxed cheesecake mix. The only other ingredient this recipe calls for is chocolate melts. How much easier does it get?

New Year’s Pizza

Just like cheesecake, almost everyone loves pizza. Instead of baking your pizza in the traditional round circle, simply shape the dough into the four numbers of the upcoming year. Top with your favorite toppings and bake as directed.

White Chocolate New Year’s Eve Puppy Chow

Who would’ve thought it possible for puppy chow to look so elegant? But, this idea definitely pulls it off!  Mix up your favorite white puppy how recipe. You might even want to make a double batch. Top with edible gold sprinkles and/or stars and let the “chowing” begin!

Sparkling Jell-O Push Ups

If you’re looking for New Year’s treats on the healthier side, Sparkling Jell-O Push Pops to the rescue! This recipe suggests using champagne or sparkling wine. However, you can just as easily go non-alcoholic with sparkling juice.

The easiest place to find the necessary push pop containers is online. If you’re an Amazon shopper, that’s a good place to start. These neat little containers are reusable, which means you can make fun treats for your kids all year long!

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the yummy New Year’s Eve treats, to celebrate the occasion. Keep this in mind.  If you’re hosting a party, variety is your friend. This way, there’s a little something for everybody.


17 New Year’s Eve Treats To Enjoy


17 New Year's Eve Treats To EnjoyPin
New Year’s Eve Treats


1. Oreo Cookie Balls For New Year’s Eve
2. Countdown Cheesecake Bites
3. Oreo Cookie Clocks
4. Fruit Rocks
5. New Year’s Pinwheel
6. New Year’s Eve Puppy Chow
7. Won Ton Clocks
8. Clock Pie Pops
9. New Year’s Eve Fortune Cookies
10. Sparkling Jello Push Pops
11. Candy Cane Glasses
12. New Year’s Bagel
13. New Year’s Pizza
14. Gummy Bear Mocktails
15. New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Donuts


17 New Year's Eve Treats To EnjoyPin
New Year’s Eve Treats



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  1. OREO Cookie Balls: Sparkly Treat for New Year’s Eve sound like something I’d really enjoy. A great collection of recipes.


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