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Window Treatments Explained- Common Issues and How to Solve Them

Windows are the eyes of your home. Just like a good mascara they make all the difference in the appearance and freshness of your abode. Window treatments can make your home look tired and worn out, or they can make your home look fresh and brand new.

With all the available options for dressing your windows how do you decide which ones to go with? Don’t despair! Making your windows look beautiful can be fun if you know what to look for.

Here are some of the most common window issues and how to a-”dress” them (sorry-I couldn’t resist) 🙂

1) Large windows- Large windows are gorgeous. They let in loads of light, make you feel free as a bird, and add architectural detail to our home.  Unfortunately, with all great things come some cons as well. Issues such as lack of privacy, UV rays (which can ruin furniture), low energy efficiency, and being stabbed in the eyeball with sunbeams while trying to watch television are a few tradeoffs that come with having large windows.

So how do you cover them without making it look and feel like a dungeon?

My number one choice is to use the light filtering options such as roller shades, cellular shades and solar shades.

These products allow the light to gently filter through while blocking up to 99% of UV rays, cutting out glare, and increasing energy efficiency. The money you spend on these products will easily be returned to you in no time at all through your reduced heating and cooling bills.

a) Solar Shades allow you to see through them so you can still enjoy the great outside view. You can choose from between 14% to 0% openness which means you can see anywhere from 14%  to 0% of the outside.


Solar ShadesPin

The only drawback for some is that Solar Shades are not a hundred percent private at night, and people may be able to see in your home. this will depend on your indoor lighting and how close people are to your windows (which is a whole other topic altogether!).

b) Light Filtering Roller Shades- Before you cringe in horror hear me out-These are not your grandma’s roller shades. They have come a long way both in style and in quality.

Roller Shades have come a long way in style and quality.Pin
Roller Shades have come a long way in style and quality.


These allow light to filter in softly while also giving you great privacy. They come in durable fabrics with an array of gorgeous colours to match any colour scheme, and you can even get a matching valance. They come in a durable fabric and you can choose different hem styles, rail colors, decorative trims, chain color options, and spring options to name just a few. With so many different available options to choose from- not to mention a lifetime guarantee- it’s no wonder the Roller Shade has made a huge comeback.

c) Cellular Shades- These shades get their name because they are made by combining hundreds of honeycomb like cells to make a beautiful, soft, and energy efficient shade.

They come in many different colours and the cells can differ in size from 3/8” to 1”.  You can also choose between single or double cell shades for maximum energy efficiency.

Different cell sizes add a different look to your windows.
Single cell or double cell construction are an option for these shades.




They also have a VERY cool feature called Top Down/Bottom Up. You can lower the top of the shade and lift the bottom to let  more light in and still keep some privacy.

The Top Down/Bottom Up feature provides privacy while allowing more light in.Pin
The Top Down/Bottom Up feature provides privacy while allowing more light in.

Cellular Shades also have the option of being motorized which brings us to our next common window dressing issue.

2) Hard to reach windows- With large windows comes the problem that they are hard to reach.  Stairways are also another place where you can find hard to reach windows. Instead of resigning to the idea that you have no choice but to leave them bare and just deal with it, you can opt for motorized treatments.

Most window treatments have the option of being motorized. Cellular shades, wood blinds, roller shades, solar shades, roman blinds, and even drapes can be motorized if need be.

A simple solution for hard to reach windows.Pin
A simple solution for hard to reach windows.

You can purchase a remote for your windows that have one, three, or five channels, depending on the number of windows you have. The batteries in a remote will typically last anywhere from 2-3 years.

The possibilities for motorized window treatments are endless, and having naked windows because they are impossible to reach is a thing of the past!

3) Nurseries, Theater rooms, and Bedrooms- A great choice when you need total darkness is room darkening treatments. Roman blinds, roller shades and cellular shades all come with a room darkening option that will help you get a few more hours of sleep, and maximize your home theater experience.

Room darkening shades normally come in the same colours as the light filtering ones and can also be motorized.

4) Bathrooms and Kitchens- My number one option for bathrooms and kitchens is Faux Wood Blinds. When dealing with humid areas, it is best to choose a window treatment that can withstand the heat and humidity and is easy to clean.

Faux wood blinds come with many options such as routeless (you don’t have those annoying pin holes going up the sides), motorized, valance choices, different size slats, head rail colours, and more.

For humid areas faux wood blinds are a great choice and easy to cleanPin
For humid areas faux wood blinds are a great choice and easy to clean

With their ease of use and low maintenance, faux wood blinds are a top choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

5) Patio Doors- A great choice for patio doors are Panel Tracks. These come in Solar Shade style panels that allows you to see out, a Roller Shade fabric style that allows for light filtering with maximum privacy, and even a blackout fabric option for maximum light filtering.

Panel Track BlindsPin

These window coverings offer a lot of style and are an excellent alternative to the tacky vertical blinds that were all the rage in the 80’s.

The panels come in different sizes and you can opt for as many or few as you like. You can stack them on the right side, the left side, or along the middle. You can decide on a chain or a wand for opening them. Adding a touch of class and beauty to your patio doors is easy to do with Panel Tracks, and they also offer great value for your money.

With so many fun and gorgeous fashion forward options to choose from, you no longer need to feel overwhelmed with finding the right window treatments at great prices. If you have any other questions or need help with your window coverings contact me and we can get started giving your windows a facelift!


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  1. I opted for cellular shades with a very similar top down/bottom up feature. I really enjoy having them, I can let in light at the top if I want to and the blinds don’t totally shut out the light so it’s never pitch black. They also help to insulate my large windows which in a basement flat is definitely necessary 🙂

  2. Wow, I can’t believe how many options there are for blinds. I have metal blinds on the bedroom windows because they block out light completely.


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