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15 S’mores Recipe Ideas

Okay, let’s get real. S’mores is one of the best summer desserts ever. You will love these 15 s’mores recipe ideas that I have chosen for you!

Who doesn’t love the combination of toasted, gooey marshmallow with melted chocolate and crisp graham crackers. It’s pure heaven. The only problem is you usually feel like you need a bath afterward. With marshmallow on your chin and chocolate all over your face, it may make you steer away from this yummy treat, especially when you consider how messy the kids get. No worries. There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy s’mores recipes without all the mess. The best part is getting to combine the flavours of s’mores with some of your other favourite treats.

National S’Mores Day

Imagine cupcakes, dip, and even cheesecake with the flavours found in s’mores. Not enough for you? What about s’mores bars and parfaits? If you love the combination of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers, you are going to love the desserts found in the list below. There’s something for everyone and every occasion. Don’t forget to celebrate National S’Mores Day on August 10th!

Some More S'Mores RecipesPin
Some More S’Mores Recipes

S’mores recipes

If you’re hosting a barbecue this summer, make some of the s’mores cupcakes for the kids and a s’mores cheesecake for the adults. You might just want a little treat to have on hand, so why not make the parfaits and pop them in the fridge or make the s’mores bars for the kids to grab as a quick snack. If you want a quick snack for movie night, make the s’mores dip. There really are so many wonderful recipes to choose from. If your family loves s’mores, they are going to love having a different s’mores treat each week throughout the summer months.

S'Mores RecipesPin
S’Mores Recipes

If you’re tired of having to hose down the kids each time you serve them s’mores, consider one of these desserts. They’ll love the flavour combination and you’ll love the fact that cleanup doesn’t take forever.

  1. Strawberry S’mores Recipe
  2. S’more Cupcakes
  3. S’mores Pops
  4. S’mores Cookies
  5. Mini S’mores Tortes
  6. S’mores Dessert Trifle in a Jar
  7. S’mores Bars Recipe
  8. No-Churn S’mores Ice Cream
  9. S’mores Cheesecake
  10. Best S’mores Fudge
  11. S’mores Rice Krispy Treats Recipe
  12. Easy S’mores Dip to Make You Happy
  13. S’mores Pizza
  14. Irresistible S’mores Cupcakes
  15. Peeps S’mores

If you make any of these S’mores recipe ideas, make sure to share with us on Facebook or Twitter! Also, check out all of our other Recipes.

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  1. I am drooling at the sound of all of these recipes! I don’t know which one that I would try first, they seem so delicious.

  2. oh my word! i wouldn’t even have any idea where to start and which one to make first. these all have my mouth watering


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