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What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Mattress for Your Kid

Did you suddenly notice that your child is getting too big for their crib? Are you looking for a mattress that can accommodate your kid and improve their sleep? We’re here to help with that. We made a list of what you should know before purchasing a mattress for your kid so that you can choose the best product for your child.

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Sleep deprivation can seriously affect your child’s mental development and put them at a higher risk for health problems. You can do a lot to alleviate your child’s sleep quality, and choosing the right mattress for them is the first step. The right mattress should be comfortable and provide proper spinal alignment, which leads to quality sleep and lesser aches upon awakening.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Mattress

Choosing the right mattress is the first step in helping your kid get the best sleep they can. The following are all factors you should consider before making your choice:

Mattress Size

Size is the first thing you need to consider while looking at mattresses. After all, there is absolutely no reason for your child to have a king-sized mattress. Instead, you can opt for a crib mattress or a big kid mattress, depending on your child’s age.

If you opt for a big kid mattress, a twin mattress should be good for you. However, it would help if you considered your child’s height. If your child is on the taller side, an extra few inches can do wonders. Also, it would be best if you considered your child’s age and whether or not they have gone through a growth spurt. After all, you don’t want a mattress that your kid will grow out of in a single summer. You can read more about Canadian mattress sizes to find the best match.

Mattress Type

After you settle on the size of the mattress, you need to start thinking about the type of mattress you want to get. Getting an innerspring mattress will be a huge mistake if your kids are still very young. Kids are prone to jumping on beds, and you’ll have to replace the mattress if the springs break.

Getting a soft mattress won’t be any good either because they pose a suffocation risk for small children. It would be best to opt for mattresses that are a bit firm so that the body remains supported and perfectly aligned.

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Sleeping Position

When getting a mattress for your kid, you also need to consider your child’s sleeping position. You can find just the right mattress to support them in doing so. Back and stomach sleepers should be good with a medium-firm mattress. On the other hand, side sleepers are better off with a softer mattress.


You need to pay close attention to the mattress’s make, especially if your child has allergies. If your child has allergies, it is best to stick to mattresses made from organic materials. Additionally, you can opt for mattresses that are advertised as hypoallergenic. These mattresses are made from specialized materials resistant to common allergens like dust, mites, and more.


For this bit, you need to consider the climate of where you live. If your place gets hot in the summer, you’ll want a mattress to dissipate body heat rather than store it. Some manufacturers even employ cooling technology in their mattresses.

On the other hand, if the area of your residence experiences frigid winter nights, you might want a mattress that can absorb body heat. In this case, a foam mattress will work wonders.


You are purchasing the mattress for a kid. Thus, expecting them to be nice to their mattress is madness. The poor mattress is sure to see some serious wear-and-tear. That is why you need a mattress that can take heavy usage and some spills. Getting a reversible mattress is a good idea in these cases. That way, even if one side gets too soft or uncomfortable, you can just flip the mattress. If you keep flipping the mattress periodically, you can slow down the wear and tear on the mattress.  

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Childproof Design

We all know how good kids are at putting stuff in their mouths. If something can fit into their mouth, you can be sure they’ll try putting it in there. Considering that, you might want to get a childproof mattress. Your mattress should not have zippers or beads that can easily come loose and pose a choking hazard for kids. Instead, opt for mattresses that come with invisible zippers.


Your mattress should come with a warranty. Not only can the warranties come in handy, but they are also an indication of the brand’s confidence in their product. Most mattresses come with a ten-year warranty, and some brands can take the figure up to 12 years. However, a few brands out there offer a lifetime warranty as well. Some brands also allow exchanges if you think the mattress is losing its firmness.

Mattress Maintenance

Getting a new mattress is an investment from your side, and you need a mattress that is easy to maintain and will last you some time. There are several things you can do to preserve your mattress.

  • You can get a dark-colored mattress, as this will help hide stains.
  • Opt for mattresses with removable covers.
  • Get a mattress protector. A waterproof protector can seriously enhance your mattress’s life. Make sure the cover is dark and machine washable.
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Once you’ve considered all of the above, you are all set to buy a mattress for your kid. Simply make sure to consider all the above-mentioned factors before you make a decision. If you plan to purchase the mattress in person, you can even try it out in the store. Better yet, make it a family activity and take your kid with you while buying the mattress. However, if you are looking for a way to get your child to sleep better, this great article will help you.

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  1. Lots of great information to consider before making a mattress purchase. We spend at least eight hours a day on that mattress and would want it to be the best suited to our kids needs.


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