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20 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day decor ideas, the options are pretty basic: hearts, flowers, candy, pink, red and white. The elegant mix of the colours is what really separates the tacky from the well done.

Ideas for valentine’s day decorations

Here are 20 Valentine’s Day decoration ideas to get you started!

1. Paper Hearts

Yes, the old construction paper hearts are always fair game. In case you are heart making impaired, as I tend to be, use an old cookie cutter as your pattern. Instead of construction paper, use the foam paper, to cut out a variety of hearts. Use a hole puncher to place a hole the top and tie a ribbon or string through the opening. You now have a collection of hearts, or whatever Valentine’s cookie cutters at your disposal, eager to hang from vases or ceilings or doorknobs.

2. Paper Chains

Valentine’s Day paper chains are always cool. Simply cut construction paper into long strips. Once you have an assortment of strips, start by making one circle by fastening the edges together either with glue or staples. The next piece gets looped through to form the chain, and so on and so on.

3. Valentine’s Pillow Case

Break out the paint and markers it is time to get messy! Have the kids decorate a sheet of paper however they want. Anything is fair game here! Once that paper is dry, it is time for Mom and Dad to step in. Make a scan of that paper and print it out on a t-shirt transfer. Take the transfer and iron it onto a pillow case. Once you have completed the manufacturers specifications of the transfer, the kids have their very own Valentine’s pillow case.


4. Valentines Box

Making a Valentine’s Day box craft is always a fun task. But what about making several different boxes to lay around the house? These little pink or red packages can be decorated from boxes of any shape and size, and the kids will have a ball getting to make a number of easy Valentine’s Day boxes instead of the usual one. Be sure to gather enough paper and ribbons to keep everyone busy, and to keep all the boxes different.

5. Valentine’s Sign

Purchase a foam display board, and the world can be yours. Take the time to decorate the board with photos, and even a small collage or two. Have the kids put their special touches on the board too. One of the best parts of this type of cheap Valentine’s decoration is it can be saved from year to year. As the collection grows so will the memories you have of making them, it can even transform into a tradition.


Valentine’s Day Home Decorations Ideas

If you are looking for DIY Valentine’s Day decor ideas, you can have to make some of these:

6. How to make a Paper Heart Chain Garland

Instructions, with pictures, on how to make the cutest paper heart chain garland!

7. How to Make a Simple Wire and Burlap Heart Wreath: DIY Rustic Farmhouse Decor

Using just a few materials you likely already have at home and a little bit of time, this rustic heart wreath is a simple DIY.

8. Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath Photo Frame

Are you looking for the perfect family Valentine’s Day decoration? Why not make this DIY Valentine’s Day heart wreath photo frame!

9. Valentine Banner Printable (Free!)

Make your own Love Banner with this free printable!

10. DIY Valentine Mini Cabinet Wreaths

These simple DIY Valentine mini wreaths on your kitchen cabinets are an easy way to add a little love to your home.

11. FREE Printable Valentine Wall Art – Valentine Gnomes

These 3 cute Valentine’s Day printables include valentine gnomes to add a whimsical touch to your V-Day decor.

12. DIY Heart String Art – An Easy String Art For Beginners

Make this adorable string heart decoration for your house. It is super cute and easy.

13. Valentine’s Day Wreath: A Red Burlap Heart

This DIY Valentine’s Day wreath is the perfect way to dress up your front door this February! It’s heart-shaped and made out of red burlap and also features a couple’s monogram to really amp up the romance!

14. Making Valentine’s Day Decor with Scrap Wood

This pretty painting project using scrap wood blocks is a great way to make a big impact with little cost.

15. Printable DIY “Be Mine” Valentine Banner

Looking for easy DIY Valentine decor ideas? The “Be Mine” Valentine banner printable included below is perfect for hanging across your mantle or wall!

16. DIY Twine Heart Craft

A DIY twine heart is a pretty, easy to make decoration perfect for Valentine’s Day, weddings, or bridal showers.

17. Valentine’s Day Terrariums

With love in the “air,” we made these charming Valentine’s Day terrariums using pink and gold sand and air plants!

18. Hanging Hearts Made From Paper

These super easy hanging Valentine’s Day paper hearts craft take minutes to make. Great for hanging in your windows!

19. DIY Heart-Shaped Candy Box Wall Hanging

Don’t throw away that heart-shaped candy box from Valentine’s Day! Use it to make a beautiful DIY Heart-Shaped Candy Box Wall Hanging.

20. How To Arrange Valentine’s Day Flowers

Most Valentine’s Day flower arrangements start at more than $60, plus delivery fees. I have found that arranging my own is not only less expensive, but extremely gratifying.

Valentine's Day Decor IdeasPin

Thankfully, making your own DIY Valentine’s Day decorations is fairly straightforward. Of course, anytime you get the kids involved in a Valentine’s Day craft mayhem can ensue. The above Valentine’s Day decorations are easy to make. While some may encourage the mayhem, others are just plain fun for everyone.

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