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Reasons To Find Who Lives in Your Neighbourhood

It is important that when you are moving to a new place, you find who lives in your neighbourhood. Most times people do not know who their neighbours are. This includes people who have been living in the neighbourhood for a long period. As much as these days everyone likes to live a private life free from neighbours’ intrusion, it is important and wise to get acquainted with people you live together with in the neighbourhood. 

Around 5 million people in Canada are moving from one province or city to another and we previously shared how to cut down moving budgets, and even with properly planned moving, you need to make sure that you will be living in a safe and secure neighbourhood. 

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Reasons Why you need to know people living in your neighborhood 

It is most likely that your children will end up going to the same school as your neighbour’s kids. You do not want to associate your children with children who do not have good manners or display violent tendencies. Moreover, you don’t want your children to be involved in criminal activities that might be as a result of the influence of their peers. In 2019-2020 over 22 071 cases involving youth committed crimes were presented in a court and you definitely are not among the parents who want this to happen with your son or daughter. 

Knowing who your neighbours are entails knowing what they do for a living. Your neighbour could have certain criminal records and you need to be watchful. This will help you protect yourself and your property and also notify the authorities about their criminal activities if necessary. 

You also never know when you will be needing help. Being acquainted with your neighbours can improve their chance of rendering a helping hand. You will also be able to know which neighbour can render the kind of help you need.

Also, as much as we all like independence, no man is an island. People need to interact with other people in their neighbourhood. This is gradually declining but it doesn’t make it any less important. It is good that you build a relationship with people living around you. They will serve as support systems to you most times and it’s an opportunity for you to learn about other people. Some researches show that people who have a healthy relationship with their neighbours enjoy better health. Find people in your neighbourhood who you have similar interests and try to build a relationship with them

Finally, aside from the sense of safety you get from knowing who the people living close to you are, neighbours who have a neighbourly relationship can strategize together on ways to foster community security and other necessities in the neighbourhood.

How you can find who lives in your neighborhood

There are many ways you can find out the people living in your neighbourhood with ease. These ways are safe and legal and you can pick any you are most comfortable with and use it in your neighbour’s search. 

  • There are sites that you can go on to find out the names of your neighbours. You simply input your street name and the names of those living on that street will pop up. Certain sites for some token even take it a step further and help you find your neighbours phone number, criminal records, etc. 
  • Run a check on them through service providers like a watchdog or community driven websites especially to find out if your neighbour has been a sex offender. This is particularly important for the sake of your children. There are community maintained sites generate a map of the location of sex offenders. You click each marker around your vicinity to see the photo and profile. Unfortunately, there is no public registry in Canada due to SOIRA, and you cannot 100% trust community driven websites. Nevertheless, the rule “never talk to strangers” works as well. The statistics of missing children in Canada speaks of itself, each year over 50 000 cases are reported missing and knowing who lives next door to you might help you to prevent the crime. 
  • Self-assessment is another great tool you can use. From day-to-day activities and encounters, you should be able to tell how neighbourly your neighbour is. These days, most neighbourhoods utilize the NextDoor app to network with other people living in their neighbourhoods. You can check out your neighbour’s profile on the app just like in other social media apps.
  • Again, you can try getting to know your neighbours on one on one basis. This does not require any search. You simply try to be friendly and see for yourself their responses. 
  • Hiring a private investigator. This is rather cost-intensive and should be an option where all other methods fail. Some people might not be friendly and look suspicious, and if you are afraid of the safety of your beloved ones, this check might help. 
  • You can also find your neighbours’ addresses using any of the reverse lookup sites available. This might protect you from unwanted contacts with the people who are involved in illegal activities and might not be your neighbours at all. Some burglars and scam artists might act like neighbours to collect information about the victim. 

As seen above, you must find out who lives in your neighbourhood for a good number of reasons. Moreover, if you are interested in other tricks for learning more about people in your neighbourhood, it is a great idea to check the article on how to find out who your neighbours are

If you are interested in more safety tips for your family, it’s worth checking out the article about teaching your children to use the internet properly

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