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30 Paper Plate Crafts for Preschoolers

Crafts are so wonderful for preschoolers. Not only do they help them beat boredom, but they also inspired creativity. Activities like these 30 Paper Plate Crafts are so much better than having your children turn on the TV and play a video game. They also keep your kids entertained when they can’t go outdoors due to bad weather. If you’re low on preschoolers craft ideas, keep reading.

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Preschool Crafts

While crafts can be a great way to keep kids busy, craft supplies can sometimes be expensive. What isn’t expensive are preschool crafts using paper plates. You can find paper plates at your local discount stores for really cheap. If you’ve already got paint in your craft stash, your preschooler can make many of these paper plates crafts listed below.

Whether your kids want to make frogs, bugs, owls, or even the sun you’ll find the directions for these paper plate crafts listed in the links below. Print them out and keep them in a binder in your craft room along with the supplies. That way you always have something fun for your kids to do whenever they complain about being bored.

It can be a real lifesaver when you’re trying to get stuff done around the house and your preschoolers are home and under foot. And, if you’re really trying to keep them busy, ask them to come up with their own craft with paper plates using the same supplies. You could give your kids a theme to inspire them and then see what they come up with.

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30 Paper plate crafts for preschoolers

Many of these crafts simply call for scissors, paint, glue, and markers. Your preschoolers will be able to make so many different crafts with these simple supplies. You’ll want to keep a few of these paper plate crafts for kids handy any time there’s a rainy day. You can even keep the supplies stored together so that you have everything ready whenever your kids need something to do.

  1. Paper Plate Easter Bunny
  2. Cruz Ramirez Paper Plate Craft
  3. Paper Plate Cupcake Liner Fish
  4. Paper Plate Frog Craft
  5. Paper Plate Fish Craft
  6. Paper Plate Ladybug
  7. Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Paper Plate Craft
  8. Paper Plate Love Birds
  9. Paper Plate LadyBug
  10. Paper Plate Rocking Sheep
  11. Paper Plate Cogsworth Craft
  12. Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft
  13. Paper Plate Mayflower Ship
  14. Paper Plate Snow Globes Craft With Template
  15. Paper Plate Puffer Fish
  16. Paper Plate Owl Craft
  17. Paper Plate Peacock Craft
  18. Adorable Paper Plate Lion Craft
  19. Paper Plate Insect Sewing Craft
  20. Flamingo Paper Plate Craft
  21. Paper plate Jellyfish
  22. Paper Plate Artic Fox
  23. Paper Plate Star Twirler
  24. Paper Plate Lions
  25. Paper Plate Ladybugs
  26. Paper Plate Snails
  27. Paper Plate Apples
  28. Paper Plate Crabs
  29. Paper Plate Flowers
  30. Paper Plate Pigs

Hope you like the above list of crafts with paper plates for preschoolers! If you are looking for other craft inspirations, you can look at our craft section!

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