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How Single Moms Can Master Parenting

How Single Moms Can Master Parenting

If you’re a single mother, there are many different challenges you will face each day. Parenting is a difficult task for anyone but when you’re doing it all on your own, it can be even harder. While you might not be able to do anything to change the circumstances that led to you being a single parent, there are some things you can do to help make the daily tasks easier. Here are some tips for single moms to master parenting!

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1. Have a good support system

It’s easy to feel like a sinking ship when you’re all alone. Your support system will be very important to helping you stay confident and focused on the things you need to do each day. On those bad days or when you feel like you’re falling apart, who do you go to? Who do you lean on? Best friends, other single parents, or even your parents if you have a good relationship with them can all be a great support network for you.


2. Take time for yourself

Single moms are often guilty of putting all of themselves into their children and their household but martyring yourself is not going to help you be a good parent. You’ll get burned out, frustrated, and tired. Your children will sense this. You might lose your temper more easily. You might lash out at them when you’re overwhelmed with tasks. So take time for yourself. You should give a little time in each day to yourself and try to work in one day just for you at least a month, or every week if it’s possible. Get a babysitter, take the kids to a Moms Night Out event or anything to get a little time for yourself to do something that helps you relax and unwind.

How Single Moms Can Master ParentingPin
How Single Moms Can Master Parenting

3. Get organized

It’s also important that you have organization within your home and a structure to how you do things. Without it, you’ll find yourself getting easily overwhelmed. You need a structure for discipline, chores, expectations, and other things within your household. Your children need to know exactly what is expected of them and what the consequences will be if they don’t do what they are expected to do. This takes a lot of the stress out of disciple and other parenting matters. When the rules and expectations are clearly defined, you won’t be faced with trying to figure it out when things happen.

While these tips are meant to help make the tasks of single parenting a little easier for you, keep in mind that there will always be struggles. There will be good days and there will be bad days. There might even be days you want to give up because it feels like you can’t go on. In those days, it is more important than ever to lean on your support system. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your children and lean on the memories of those good times to help see you through it.

Lyne Proulx
Lyne Proulxhttps://ottawamommyclub.ca/
Lyne Proulx is a Certified WEBB Bodywork Pet Practitioner, Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), Certified Professional Wedding Consultant, and an Event Planner. She loves all things Disney and is an avid teaholic and chocoholic. She coordinated the Annual Infant Information Day/Early Years Expo for the City of Ottawa for 8 years. She was the Queen B of the BConnected Conference, Canada's Digital Influencer and social media Conference in Ottawa and Toronto. She was also the co-chair of the Navan for Kraft Hockeyville 2009-2011 committee that organized five community events within 6 months, and helped Navan reach the top 10 finalists in Canada. In April 2011, she received the City of Ottawa Mayor's City Builder Award.

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  1. Being a single parent is definitely very tough, especially since money is usually tight then too. I applaud every single woman or man who are single parents, you’re all doing a great job.
    These are good tips which will definitely help some fresh single parents to manage better.

  2. I’m not a single parent but I have huge respect for those single parents who are giving it their all, it can’t be easy!


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