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Family Get-Togethers Made Fun with Kroeger Inc. Games Review

Kroeger Inc. knows this and asked me if they could show is how to make get-togethers fun with some of their products and games.

Summer is all about having fun, but not every moment has to be hectic. Long, lazy summer days are times to rest and relax, too, without the use of screens or devices. Creating and playing boards games are two fabulous ways to entertain a group large or small. You can also check out these games we previously reviewed from Kroeger Inc.

Below are the games I received from Kroeger Inc. to make get-togethers fun:

  • Neat-Oh!: Linkt Craft Kits: Hoops & Loops Earring Kit
  • Bob Ross: The Art of Cool
  • Shifty Eyes Spies
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Neat-Oh! Linkt Hoops & Loops Earring Kit

Kids love to craft. Creating lets kids feel that they can do anything. Neat-Oh! Linkt Craft Kits allows children not only to make fun items. The finish products can also be used to brighten their world or someone they love. We received their Hoops & Loops Earring Kit to assemble bright and colourful chainmaille earrings that they can wear or use as gifts.

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This kit allows users to make up to 20 pieces of earrings. For this kit, my girls came together to test it out. From start to finish, the kids loved creating earrings. They chose to make the Crescent and Atomic designs. The Magic Layout tool made it easy for my kids to set up their designs and to create their earrings. It only took about ten minutes to assemble each set of earrings.

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The end result: some beautiful pieces of jewellery. My kids went on to create more cute pieces and had a blast doing it!

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Bob Ross: The Art of Cool Board Game

Art is a cool way to pass the time while enjoying summer. One of the coolest artist many people enjoyed at work was Bob Ross. He made creating art peaceful and cool. When I saw we received Bob Ross: The Art of Chill is a board game, I knew we were going to be in for one chill day.

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The object of the game is to finish one of Bob Ross’ works of art before he does to gain “Chill” status. Players collect paint colours and brushes allocated to certain aspects of Bob’s pieces to “paint” features found within each painting. Bob is also setting the pace of the game while giving sage advice and bonus opportunities to obtain “chill” status.

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I brought this game over to a friend’s house to have quiet fun while her son napped. Once we understood all of the rules of the game, it was a lot of fun to play. We liked seeing the different paint colours and brushes that were used to bring Bob’s masterpieces to life. We loved acquiring the extra chill points for creating certain features before Bob could get to that part of each work of art. This game made a summer afternoon a chill experience.

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Shifty Eyes Spies Game

For most people, communication is verbal. It is easier for us to say what we want than to convey this message in any other way. Shifty Eyes Spies has the gang to make getting the message across to others in a non-verbal way.

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Players battle it out to pass around cover communications to other players. Eye winks let other players know you want to give a message to another player. Then you wait for them to relay a meeting place in a discreet manner. If players you are not aligned with intercepts your messages, your cover is blown.

Shifty Eyes Spies is a great game to play! It is really easy to jump into, and is fun to try and let others know what you want without saying a word.

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It was also amusing to see other players trying to get the attention of the spies they are connecting with to “get the message” without looking so obvious about it. It is stealthy and challenging. We had a really good time playing this game.

Get-together-musts with Kroeger Inc games!

Overall, these games from Kroeger Inc. are great to have on hand to make get-togethers fun this summer! Creative fun can be had by kids big and small with the Linkt Earring Kit from Net-Oh!. Chill moments can also be fun moments by playing Bob Ross: The Art of Chill. The lack of words is where the fun begins with Shifty Eyes Spies. Whether at home, in the backyard or at the cottage, these items will bring smiles and amusement to groups large and small. My family and friends will be having a blast whenever we choose to #disconnect2connect!

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Would you like to see other ways Kroeger Inc. can make get-togethers fun? We visited their website and followed their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to find other toys and games they had to offer!

Disclaimer: I received products from Kroeger Inc. in order to review their products. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. they all look like a lot of fun…I think my granddaughter would love the earring maker….I myself think the rob ross game looks kind of cool!

  2. Definitely Shify Eyed Spies!!! I can just imagine the hilarity of playing this with my niece, nephew, and sister! Siblings against siblings…who would win!?! We all would – because it would be so much fun!


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