Drink up!..with Hidrate Spark! #Review



Drink up!..with Hidrate Spark! #Review
Hidrate Spark 2.0 Water bottle in Pink


Drink up!..with Hidrate Spark! 

I, like most people, did not drink as much water daily as suggested. The Hidrate Spark helped me to get on a better track to a more healthy lifestyle. This product and associated app (Hidrate Spark in your phones App Store) let you set a recommended daily intake based upon your specific recommended amounts or you can set a higher amount. Then it tracks your daily intake and shows progress against recommendations throughout the day. If you drink tea, coffee, or other sports drinks, you can manually add these to your totals.

I love this water bottle. Since this has arrived at my home, I have not missed one day in meeting my water goals. I usually don’t remember to drink my water, but the flashing grabs my attention and reminds me to drink up.

It has a unique design. The Hidrate Spark 2.0 holds 24 fl oz (710 ml) and comes in five eye-catching colours (I chose the PINK colour!), and it syncs your phone and/or Fitbit (I have also found it syncs to Google Steps! It is compatible and the carrying loop is so convenient!

 I am not always able to keep track of how much fluid I’ve been drinking in a given day. I usually try to drink as much as possible, but then again, I don’t like to be stopping to go to a bathroom every 20 minutes, either. Enter the Spark 2.0, which through the app’s simple circular tracking bar, I know if I have been drinking enough for the time of day, temperature, and the number of steps I’ve taken. It has been VERY helpful to have my Spark water bottle reminding me to keep drinking. The bottle also stores up to two days worth of data, if you do not have your phone handy! (COOL!)


Drink up!..with Hidrate Spark! #Review
Hidrate Spark 2.0 water bottle in pink


The bottle itself is BPA-Free Titan plastic and without a straw. This helps prevent breaks and spills.  Your bottle comes included with a sensor stick, powered by two coin cell batteries. (That means no charging to worry about!) When you drink out of the bottle, the sensor measures how much you drank and transfers this info to the hydration app, which tracks your progress throughout the day, week and month. 

The bottle and lid are completely dishwasher safe. Just pop out the sensor stick, and let the dishwasher do the rest. The sensor stick does need to be washed by hand.

A fan of extra cold water? Add ice to the bottle or put the bottle in the fridge! Just don’t put it in the freezer; it might damage the sensor stick.

Adding fruit or using other liquids (like soda or coffee) in the bottle might be tempting, but please use your bottle for water only to avoid sensor damage.

The bottle: Glows to remind you to drink. Sends fun reminders to your phone. Automatically tracks water intake. Syncs with hydration app via Bluetooth (the sensor is in the lid). Syncs with Google Steps, Fitbit, Apple Watch, MyFitnessPal and more. Calculates a personalized daily water goal.

My bottle (which was given free of charge by the company for this review), costs about $54.95 PLUS TAX, which does not include shipping. All bottles cost that price, but there are several colors to choose from: teal, black, purple, white and pink! I HAVE THE PINK ONE!  Right now they have a BUY 2 for $95.00 on the website.


You can follow them like I do on  Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest.

They also have a YOUTUBE channel which has videos of the bottle glowing its best in all the available colours.



Disclaimer: I received the Hidrate Spark 2.0 in order to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  1. My daughter might like this, she uses bottles a lot for work. I never use bottles as I’m retired and can drink at home from a glass. 🙂

  2. It sounds silly, but this would be amazing for me. I’m terrible for keeping healthy habits and need reminders or encouragement. This would definitely keep me on track of drinking proper.


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