3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays #Review

Merry. This is the way we all try to feel during the holiday season. With the family being stuck inside due to weather on some days, keeping kids happy and making sure they have fun can be a bit of a challenge. Toys and games are great ways to make the time indoors fly by fast. My family was asked if some of these toys and games would help to make our holiday season merry in three different ways. We could not wait to try them out!

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays

Below are the toys we received to have merry fun during the holiday season:

  • Fart Ninjas
  • CAT Trucks
  • Games from Asmodee Canada

Sneak, toot, and be merry!

My kids are still at that stage where they enjoy certain toys that have a bit of crude humor to them. They also like toys that allow them to have some action-packed fun. Fart Ninjas from Funrise Toys provide both of worlds into one toy. Fart Ninjas are collectable action figures that sound off ten realistic motion-activated fart sounds for kids to giggle at during play.

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
CAT trucks and set, fart Ninjas figures, and Asmodee games.

Each of the Fart Ninjas we received was cute and poised for stealthy tooting action. My kids had fun playing them against each other and trying out the motion-activated sound feature. It gave me a bit of a start when one of them went off as I passed by the bookcase it was hiding on.

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
Boy playing with Fart Ninja and Fart Ninja XL figures.

The larger Fart Ninjas XL are five inches of fun! They are dressed in Fart Ninja armour and come with a ninja star that acts as a remote to allow kids to set off their merry surprise at will. Users are also able to record their own fart sounds to add to the fun at playtime.

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
Fart Ninja and Fart Ninja XL figures.

My kids really enjoyed playing with these larger versions of Fart Ninjas. Another great feature we discovered was that they had weapons to help them let off their “musical” surprises or do battle with other ninja foes. We liked being able to make up our own sounds to keep everyone at home guessing as to when and where another fun attack was going to happen. Both sets of Fart Ninja toys brought a lot of adventure and fun to our home.

Constructing big fun

Building is another way my son likes to spend time away from the screen. He likes playing with big trucks and pretending he is on a constructing big fun. CAT was able to help him out with their Tough Rigs truck and Construction Fleet Sand set for hm to get some heavy duty work done around our home.

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
CAT Construction toys.

For “digging dirt”, the CAT Tough Rigs Excavator truck is a great toy to have on hand. It is big, tough, and durable. The arm and the scoop work well together to bend down and pick up things needed to be moved. 

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
CAT Tough Rig Excavator truck.

When it came to hauling the dirt. The CAT Construction Fleet Sand Set Dump Truck is the perfect partner for our home construction site. It comes with a dump truck, a shovel, and rake to make building playtime merry. To add to the fun, a construction hat completes this set to really set imaginations soaring.

My little guy really enjoys playing with the bed of the dump truck. He loves how big it is and the tipping motion to empty it out. The hat is a perfect finishing touch to this set. My son really felt as though he was a part of a construction crew.

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
Boy playing with CAT Construction Fleet Sand Dump Truck Set.

Games = Merry fun

Games bring a different kind of merry fun playtime. For us, we like games that make us think and compete with each other for hours of family fun time. Asmodee Canada shared two games with us to add fun to the holiday season. 

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
Chromino and Ticket to Ride: London games.

Colourful matching fun

Chomino is a colourful game to enjoy! Instead of using numbers, Chromino uses colours to get players to match two colours with those already in play without touching other tiles. “Chameleon” tiles give players a hand in the matching fun. When players run out of tiles in their hands, they can reach into the Chromino bag for additional tiles to play. When all of the tiles are out of the bag, the first player to place all of their tiles on the table is the winner. This game is recommended for 1-8 players ages 6+.

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
Chromino game.

My daughter and I loved how easy it was to play this game. The chameleon tiles really came in handy when we were stuck for tiles to use. Putting this game away is simple. All you have to do is to place the tiles into bag. It is a great game to have for quick fun.

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
Child playing with Chromino game.

London calling!

London is a city I would love to visit soon. Ticket to Ride: London not only took us along the streets of this iconic city, we also went back in time to the 70’s. Players race each other to be the first to complete bus routes in the United Kingdom’s capital to win. This game is for 2-4 players ages 8+.

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
Ticket to Ride: London games.

My girl is a fan of the original Ticket to Ride game, so she was really excited to hop aboard these double buses to ride around London. It is an interesting way to learn how Londoners get around the city and where all of the historical sites are across London. We both had a lot of fun travelling around London with this game.

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
Ticket to Ride: London game laid out.

Three merry ways for kids to enjoy the holiday season

These three different types of toys made my kids merry this holiday season. The Fart Ninjas brought a lot of giggles to playtime. The CAT trucks allowed for imaginative play to happen. Chromino and Ticket to Ride: London gave us quiet time to bond and play together. We are so happy to have these toys and games at this time of the year.

3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays
3 Merry Ways to Have Fun During the Holidays

Curious about other toys your kids can find merry fun with this holiday season? You can visit Funrise Toys on their website, and connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages. You can also go to Asmodee’s website and sneaking a peek at their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @asmodeedigital, and YouTube channels for some great gifting ideas!

Disclaimer: I received products from Funrise Toys and Asmodee Canada in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. I have a home daycare and the children would love at least 3 of those toys. They would love playing with the fart Ninjas,the Cat set and the colour matching game.

  2. My 7 year old would love playing with the fart ninjas… and my 4 year old would enjoy digging in the dirt with the rough and tough cat construction toys. Happy new years and thank you for the chance to win.


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